Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Shaman's Blow: Part II

Greetings ladies and stinging, biting insects. Welcome to The Patriots Cave, the only website in the Midwest with readers in D.C., The Vatican, and "The City" of London. With that in mind, The Patriots Cave salutes The Empire of The City with a bird in the air and a vigorous Bronx cheer! To them I say "up your nose with a rubber hose". -signed Epsteins Mom.
Okay, on with Part II of "The Shaman's Blow". We had discussed how in order to perceive new enformation, one's assemblage point must shift. We are aware of many different techniques which serve to expedite said shift, including meditation, drumming, chanting, fasting, various ordeals, entheogens and many more. There may be no limit to the techniques which mimic the shaman's blow. Zen masters are known to present their students with a riddle, called a koan, which has the potential to shift the assemblage point of the one contemplating it.
I am personally familiar with a few techniques. I have experienced the shift while meditating. As you know there are dozens, maybe hundreds of different meditation techniques. The particular technique I am familiar with is called "Kriya Yoga", brought to the West by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920. I was taught Kriya through Self Realization Fellowship. All of the teachings are non-sectarian with the highest emphasis placed on the fact that each person must never "believe", but instead is to verify scientifically, step by step, this science of Self realization. The steps are given through the SRF lessons which are mailed to each student at cost. The student pays printing and shipping fees only, which amounts to maybe 50 cents per lesson or something like that. Anyway, I studied Kriya Yoga meditation for a few years, and was able to make some astounding discoveries. Early on in the lessons, I was taught a certain technique which enabled me to hear the astral "hum" of the universe. Not only that, but many other sounds as well, including bells, buzzing, sizzling electricity, conversations occurring at great distance, and one I may not speak of. This is not "supernatural" or occult phenomena, it is science. Anyone can verify it for themselves. Just as anyone may verify other universal laws by repeating the steps of the experiment, as is done in laboratories every single day. It is only because most people do not understand it that it is thought of as "supernatural".
Through Kriya meditation I was also able to see the quantum tunnel which connects each one of us to the Spirit World. I saw this tunnel on about a dozen occasions with full clarity. On many other occasions I was able to see only one or two of it's three parts. It is so awesome to read the scientific steps, carry out those steps as instructed, and then BAM! There it is, just like when a science book tells you how to cut open a frog. They say "cut along this line, open it up, and you will see....", just like that brethren and sistren. When I saw the telescopic tunnel of Light, the Spiritual Eye, also called "The Eye of Shiva", I was changed in a profound way. You may have seen the Spiritual Eye before and not known what you were seeing. At first, it looks like a golden yellow disk. Then, you see a smaller circle inside if the golden disk. The smaller circle is bluish/purple. Then, inside of the purple circle within the golden disk, is a brilliant white star, exactly in the center.
I broke off from my daily practice before I was able to pierce this Spiritual Eye, this telescopic tunnel. I did not stick with it long enough to travel into the tunnel while totally conscious and awake. But I now know where to find it. I have proved it for myself. And I am now ready to pick back up with daily practice as I once did. My practice was jolted when I woke up to the reality of the new world order. One day, after my awakening. I began noticing mason symbols in almost every single picture I had hanging in my house. Pictures of Christ and Mother Mary. In almost every one. If you have pictures of Jesus and/or Mary in your house, go look at them right now. Look at their hands. Do you see the index finger and the pinky finger spread out, distancing them from the two inside fingers? Like a W? Well, the W when you flip it over is an M. It is the masonic hand symbol. And it is in almost every picture of Jesus and Mary printed in modern times. It shows how secret societies have infiltrated the world's religions.
But as I was saying, my daily practice was jolted when I discovered the new world order conspiracy which covers our planet. My peace of mind was disturbed. My consciousness, which had been almost always residing at the heart chakra level, was suddenly pulled down to the Mars Chakra level in the stomach. Suddenly I found myself thinking about animal survival on the physical level. Contemplation was on hold. I realized (with great help from a wise mentor), that I had responsibilities and duty to take care of before I could be at peace enough to achieve balance within. Now I'm not saying I "have it all" or that I am prepared for the end days 100%, but I can say that the new world order is not going to stop me from my spiritual practice any longer. My assemblage point has shifted, such that I have become aware of enformation previously unavailable to me.
I shall end Part II now, as it is becoming too lengthy. I still need to talk about the upcoming experiment where I will attempt to shift my assemblage point in dramatic fashion, and verbalize the new enformation as it comes in on film. So as to share it with others. Not so much to make anyone understand what I will be seeing, but more as an example of how the assemblage point operates. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Anonymous said...


This is amazing stuff. What is the name of the fellowship website?

Joel the K said...

Thanks. The website is
I recommend reading a book called "Autobiography of a yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. It explains everything and it tells about the lessons. Or you can just go right to the website and learn all about it. Thank you for your visit.