Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Shaman's Blow: Part III

Greetings ladies and venomous reptiles, welcome to The Patriots Cave, the website which never fails to lift the toilet seat up before,...you know. Okay, let's get down to the nitty gritty. The Experiment (dunt dunt dun!) . All kidding aside now, I am to conduct an experiment so to speak. Experiment is not actually an accurate term for it. Exercise would be more appropriate. It is to be an exercise in shifting the assemblage point. In my younger days I called it a "tune up". I called it that for good reason. For the same reason our society places a taboo on entheogenic experiences. Because it stands in direct opposition to the deadening grind of a materialistic life. It flies in the face of "responsible", and boring tedium's associated with making our way down that dry, calloused and worn out path that leads straight to a 6 foot deep hole in the ground.
The repetitive workaday life with all of the poisonous New World Order trappings (pun intended) have the effect of destroying our child-like wonder. The fluoride additives in tap water calcify the pineal gland. "But I don't drink tap water" you say. Well, you did before you woke up to the truth about eugenics. You used deodorant with aluminum in it for years. I could go on and on with how we have built this world into a soul killing abattoir, but my point is, I am not ready to walk obediently down the 9 to 5 path towards the great old-folks home in the sky. Hell no! Look at us! What are we doing here? Seeing how much money we can collect before we DIE?!
The thing about visionary plants, is that they re-connect my spirit to my heart. It's Ma Nature's way of communicating directly with us. It wipes the dirt off of the headlights. It refreshes the wonder and magick of life. This is what I mean when I say I once called this phenomena a "tune up". Visionary plants may have the effect of shifting the assemblage point enough to where I can see the life-force within all forms. For instance, in the visionary state, I might come upon a tire laying on the ground. Now in the hum-drum consciousness of repetitious habitual behavior, that tire would not catch my attention. But there is a whole other range of frequency, available when the assemblage point shifts, or in other words, when the station dial is turned to a different frequency. In the visionary state, I might see vibrating lifetrons within that tire. I see deeply into it. I might see that it was once alive, in the jungle, thousands of miles away as the crow flies. I might feel that tire's pain, at being captured and held prisoner in it's present unnatural form and shape.
That tire may cause me to have a vision of a million years ago when our ancestors put together a wheel with which to move monoliths. Or perhaps I experience a vivid flashback to a time when I received my first bicycle as a prize. The excitement, the wonder, the raw energy and thrill of possibilities, thinking of the adventures my young mind envisioned. As if that bike were my trusty steed, and I a bold knight riding into a campaign of battle and glory. These are merely examples of how the Shaman's blow can allow us to perceive energy on countless different frequencies. As previously mentioned, there are many, many ways to shift the assemblage point. But in "modern" Western society, we are conditioned to view visionary plants as being illegitimate, taboo, and/or just plain evil. Why? Ask yourself where this prejudice came from. And WHY? Why is it that we are brainwashed from an early age to view visionary plant experiences as something less than other methods? Oh I know what most of you would say, but stay with me for a few paragraphs and I will show you that you have been programmed to think this way about visionary plants such as peyote cactus, psilocybin mushrooms, Ayahuasca vine, Cannabis Indica, San Pedro cactus, and many, many more, natural, organic, God-given plants, which grow up out of God's green earth. Is a plant evil? EVIL? A plant? Think about it.
Okay, maybe you'll say that visionary plants are substandard. This is a common viewpoint. Many people believe that methods such as meditation, drumming or fasting, are legitimate techniques, whereas entheogenic plants are not. Many see the mystical plants as "cheating" or "artificial". But is it? Let's look at an example.
I have heard Yogis state that visionary plant mysticism is bad because it is a shortcut, and because there is no work or discipline involved in reaching the visionary state. This makes sense. I can totally see where they are coming from. They sat in darkened rooms for 5 years in order to experience Unity consciousness or Cosmic consciousness. So they are not all that keen about the rookie meditator, who achieves Cosmic consciousness in 3 hours with the help of a plant ally. Again, it makes sense why the yogi would feel that way. Therefore we can state that it is more beneficial for a person to take the long, hard road of discipline and work to experience Cosmic consciousness . I'll agree with that. But that does not invalidate the mystical experience achieved with the help of a plant ally.
Some traditional mystics make a false assumption about visionary plants. They think that anyone who eats peyote for example, will experience the visionary state. This is absolutely untrue. If the person partaking of the sacred cacti, is not respectful of the plant, is not humble before the awesome potential energies linked to the plant, and is not spiritually ready for a deep, mystical experience, then that person will suffer terribly in a nightmare hell of unimaginable terror, or they will simply get a good "light show" and a few hours of giggling and laughing. So when you hear someone telling of a profoundly sacred, divine, and mystical experience, achieved with the help of one of the sacred and ancient plant allies, do not think that the person was not deserving of the experience. Or that they somehow "cheated" to get there. If Spirit does not wish to open Itself to a person, then it will not happen, no matter how many mushrooms or peyote buttons they eat. +++++++ Look for the fourth and final part of The Shaman's Blow in the next 24-48 hours. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Anonymous said...


do you where we can get a hold of these entheogenic plants legally? I imagine the matrix has deemed them illegal to consume.

Joel the K said...

I will address the legality issue in the fourth and final part of this post "The Shaman's Blow". But I will tell you that there are some states in the USA which protect the people's constitutional and God-given right to practice religion in any way they wish. In most states, it is illegal to ingest the sacred peyote sacrament unless you are Native American. This is a blatant violation of Constitutional rights. This is discriminating against people's religion based on race. But there are a few states where anyone can partake in the holy sacrament regardless of their skin color. I will speak more about this in Part IV. Thanks for your question. Thank you for your visit.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel