Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Shaman's Blow: "Waking Up" To Reality

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What is the "Shaman's Blow"? In order to understand what the Shaman's blow is, we must discuss the concept of the assemblage point. Readers of the Carlos Castaneda books already know what the assemblage point is. I shall describe it briefly. The assemblage point is the portal which connects your awareness to everything else. That's it, that is the assemblage point. Now, as I go on you should take into account that we are talking about quantum being. This means how I perceive it, and how you perceive it may both be accurate at the same time, even though they seem different or opposed to one another. Keep that in mind.
The universes are so vast, with so many different frequencies and streams of information available that at any given time we are only perceiving a limited band of incoming data. Kind of like tuning in to different channels. It could also be described like trillions of strings of information flying all around us and through us. A few of these strings of information happen to be hitting your assemblage point, which is located in the torso area of your subtle energy body, or what some call the "etheric double" or astral body. Everything you perceive is coming through on the strings or streams of information energy which are passing through the assemblage point. In order to gain new understanding of a concept the assemblage point must shift, allowing different strings to pass through it. You could think of these strings or streams of energy as emanations of The Logos.
Many people who have experienced out of body phenomena have reported being connected to their sleeping, physical body by a chord. The Old Testament even speaks of "the silver chord" being cut at death. This chord is another way to describe the assemblage point. But getting back to the shaman's blow, I urge you to think about a time when you had a "eureka" moment. When a sudden powerful realization strikes your consciousness, leading you to say "Ah Ha!". You experienced a shift of your assemblage point, and were able to perceive reality in a different way, with more energy, on a different channel. For instance, if you are sitting in Church or maybe an A.A. or N.A. meeting, and suddenly you see colors of light emanating from people's head area. You did not see those colors two minutes ago, but they were there nevertheless. You just could not perceive that certain frequency. Then you experienced a shift of the assemblage point, and you saw the astral light.
Paramahansa Yogananda relates an instance in his masterwork "Autobiography of a Yogi" where his preceptor struck him on the chest, with a sudden and forceful blow, causing him to experience his first samadhi, or perception of Cosmic consciousness. Carlos Castaneda describes numerous instances when Don Juan would strike him on his back almost violently, putting his student into a state he called the second attention. This is the shaman's blow. It is a maneuver used by a person who can see subtle energy, which causes another person's assemblage point to shift, opening up new levels of understanding and awareness.
There are many other ways to shift the assemblage point. Chanting, fasting, ritual, dramatic theatrics, meditation, prayer, entheogenic plants and/or fungi, sweat lodge, dreaming and vision quest. And more. Now we have established what the assemblage point is, and how the shaman's blow. or one of many other techniques can open up vast streams of previously unavailable enermation (energy+information). In part II I shall describe in detail how I will shift my own assemblage point and design a way to share some of the insights gained in the process. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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