Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Shaman's Blow:Part IV

Greetings ladies and grunts, welcome to The Patriots Cave, the website listed in Forbes as being the best thing since shrimp toast. Before we finish up with part IV of The Shaman's Blow, there is an issue in need of attention and/or explanation. You might be wondering why a website called "The Patriots Cave" is discussing visionary plants, yoga meditation, and consciousness. You may wonder what any of this has to do with patriotism. Why are we not discussing the Tea-Party movement? Or the Health Care Laws? The answer to those questions is that I know that what Gandhi said is true, and that I must become the change I seek. It all starts with me. Until I change myself, until I attain a balance in my own life, how could I presume to change someone else? Besides, there are an abundance of blogs and websites telling all about the tea-party movement and such. The Patriots Cave has written extensively about the NWO, Illuminati, Codex Alimentarius, Bilderberg, the U.N., communism and will continue to do so in the future as needed. But as of late, I have been inspired to realize my potentials as a quantum creator, utilizing and exercising God-given powers which modern humans have allowed to atrophy. My primary motivator has been Big John Lipscomb. He has been telling all of us for years now that we are infinitely powerful beings, and that it is time to push the envelope, time to expand our ranges of what we once thought was impossible. Lipscomb has demonstrated first-hand how a life without fear is lived, and how human beings are in actuality supercharged, autonomous, ever-expanding fields of quantum-force creative engines of Powerlove. Of course this is my interpretation of it. What I mean to say is, I am paraphrasing, putting it into some of my own hybrid words. But I think you get my drift.
I just want to acknowledge the influence and the massive amount of help I have been blessed with brethren and sistren. I want to express gratitude to the one's who inspire me over and over again, time after time. Some people will never know the difference they make in other people's lives until eons later, perhaps when we are all in the Spirit World. I myself fight a daily war against my own dark side. I cannot let my guard down for one second. Ruin, poverty, despair and death can be drawn up into a syringe, from an upside-down pop can, picked up off the street, like a thousand times before. One moment of weakness, could generate unfathomable depths of pain for the one's I love more than anyone or anything else. I have lingered too long on this topic now. But to the very few who have inspired me to be better, to be stronger, to look deeper, to walk taller and to live better, I must say, thank you, and peace be upon you.
Now, my cousins, let us finish this. You will have to read between the lines a bit, for just plain STUPID reasons. The Beast does not want you to look deep inside yourself. It wants you to live the shallow and meaningless life of a consumer-clone. With cookie-cutter clothes, and cookie-cutter religion, and cookie-cutter kids who believe the steaming piles of bullspit packed into their ears by cookie-cutter autobot teachers. You are even labeled as "H-U-M-A-N R-E-S-O-U-R-C-E-S. Human REsources? That word is very telling cousins. In order to see deeply into the nature of reality, your assemblage point needs jolted into a different position. It does not need to move far, or for very long. I recommend you move your assemblage point through intense prayer, meditation, chanting, drumming, communing with nature, and similar pursuits. But I sometimes need a powerful blow to my assemblage point. Which is why I am going into the woods alone, on a vision quest. I will take my crappy little movie camera with me, unless one of you has a decent used movie camera you will sell me at a discount. Anyway, I will tie my camera to a tree, and at various times during the night, I will press the record button and tell you what is going on with me. I will share any insights, visions, omens, portends, signs, or anything else which seems lawful according to my own spirit and consciousness. I will tell you at a later date, which particular method I used for the Shaman's Blow. I may in fact use a combination of techniques. I will be building a fire alter, and my own humble version of what is known as a "mesa". I have not decided upon an exact date yet. I must consult the planets to determine the most auspicious date for spiritual growth and revelation. I have no doubt that it will be on a full moon night. As a side note, I would like to tell you that San Pedro cactus seeds are perfectly legal. They are legal to have, legal to plant in the ground (or clay pot), and they are legal to display. They even sell them at retail hardware stores all across America. However, due to the fact that San Pedro cacti contain the exact same active ingredient as it's more famous cousin the peyote cactus, it is illegal to consume San Pedro cacti almost everywhere. The Beast wouldn't want anyone finding the "key to heaven". San Pedro means "Saint Peter". Saint Peter was said to hold the key to heaven. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Anonymous said...


Keep it coming. I really enjoy reading these type of posts.

DustyDave said...

looking forward to the story when you get back

moshe said...

Sir K, I deeply appreciate the sharing of the insights that you have gathered along the road of life(s). Sometimes, as I read, I feel as if I am looking in a mirror. You are as refreshing as a dip in an ozark river on a mountain morning. Your writings are much needed in the "patriot" community, who seem to care more about the emptiness of their pockets than the emptiness in their souls. A wise man once said, Many Who Profess Truth Really Shun It. Stay aware and keep on putting it out there. Your light shines. Peace to you and your house.

Joel the K said...

Ah, Moshe, your words have a healing effect. Thank you my friend. And may Peace always be on you and your house also. Thank you for your visit Moshe.

Joel the K said...

Dusty Dave, thanks man, I appreciate your intrest, it will add even more Prana to the adventure. Thank you for your visit Dave.

Joel the K said...

Mystery Being,
Thank you for your visit. It is cool to get anonymous comments sometimes, because of the wide open possibilities of who it could be. It could be an interdimensional being, communicating via internet. It could be an artificial intelligence program, who likes my Patriots Cave. It could be an arch enemy! It could be anybody. It could be a grey alien commenting from the mothership. ha ha. Thank you for your visit.(to our planet).