Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Web-bot Caught A Glimpse Of The Devil

Greetings ladies and upright primates, welcome to The Patriots Cave, the only website in this solar system open on April 34th. And now let us proceed with today's posting. Last year Cliff High's Web-bot program saw and/or predicted a catastrophic event occurring in the Mid-East, specifically Iran. The cyber prophecy described an event or series of events where people spoke of "Israel's mistake". The mistake was, I believe, a situation where Israel dropped a bunker-busting explosive charge into an Iranian nuclear power facility and/or nuclear reactor. The prophecy then saw reactions suggesting that enormous billowing streams of radioactive smog and smoke would contaminate vast stretches of the globe. Such an event would cause cancer, birth defects, famine, panic, war, and just plain old old-fashioned freaking chaos. IF, the event were to actually happen, of course. That is the big IF right? Right.
The Patriots Cave sees the prophecy playing out a bit differently. But the horrible results could be basically the same, which would explain why the web-bot saw the radiation cloud spreading over the planet. Joel the K sees it going down like this: A mega earthquake strikes the ancient city of Tehran in Iran. A series of violent and catastrophic aftershock quakes ripple through the surrounding countryside, rupturing one or more of Iran's nuclear reactor facilities. It may also be that the web-bot detected a simultaneous volcanic eruption and seismic event occurring in the vicinity of one of Iran's nuclear facilities. This would create a radioactive ash cloud exactly like the one described in the web-bot prophecy.
Ahmadinejad and high ranking Iranian clerics have made statements to the Iranian people in the past 24 hours. Iranian leadership is calling on it's people to repent. The Iranian leadership believes that if Iranian women do not repent and dress modestly, they will cause earthquakes to occur in Iran. Westerners laugh at this "superstitious" thinking, but there is such a thing as the butterfly effect. Who are we to say that women walking around showing buku cleavage do not in fact create earthquakes? I believe humans cause most natural disasters to occur by way of inharmonious thoughtcasting. Thoughtcasting is when a human being broadcasts powerful thought-trons into the atmosphere and morphic fields. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi conducted experiments where the square root of 1% of a population would broadcast harmonious thoughts into the Unified field of consciousness. Maharishi University published extensive findings suggesting that a group of meditators could in fact affect an entire city or country. Did not Christ say we could move a mountain? Well, that's pretty much what an earthquake is.
The main thing that The Patriots Cave has noticed is that there seem to be growing vibrations in the air, suggesting earthquakes in Iran. With the web-bot's vision of radioactive billowing smoke and ash. Ahmadinejad is calling for 5 million people to be evacuated from Tehran before the quake hits. It almost seems like he was possibly threatened by "somebody" who has the power to create earthquakes. If such a power does in fact exist. Remember that song about the devil playing a fiddle? It's not a fiddle that the devil plays, it's a HAARP. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea, HAARP is very real. When I watched Jesse's Ventura Conspiracy Theory segment on HAARP and they wouldn't let him in the facility in Alaska I knew right then and there this was a weapon and a very powerful one indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joel, And right after these events...(earthquake - nuclear disaster), the US military-industrial complex will HAVE to INVADE for planetary/environmental safety to quarantine the middle east and of course put up more military bases with UN nuclear watchdog to 'protect' humanity. And Iran will object and PRESTO WAR!
- I just got done watching a poorly written movie, but this IRAN set-up is even more inept in its obvious setup!
Keep it up Joel ;o)

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