Friday, May 14, 2010

Ancient Proverbs: Discerning Unspoken Thoughts

Tirukural A daily chapter from South Indian saint Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural, "Holy Couplets." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 71: Discerning Unspoken Thoughts Kural 701 He who can discern another's unspoken thoughts by merely looking is an emerald on an Earth encircled by equable seas. Kural 702 Regard as god-like those who can divine without hesitation what is in the minds of others. Kural 703 Give whatever is required to gain an advisor who, knowing his own mind, can read another's intentions. Kural 704 Those who grasp others' unspoken thoughts have the same physical features as most folks--yet how different they are. Kural 705 Of what benefit are eyes in a body, if they cannot by their observing powers perceive another's intentions? Kural 706 As a crystal mirror reflects objects that are nearby, so the face reflects what is foremost in the heart. Kural 707 What is more forthrightly profound than the face? For whether the heart is angry or glad, the face expresses it first. Kural 708 If you find a man who understands matters by looking into the mind, it suffices to stand silently looking into his face. Kural 709 If you find men who know the eye's language the eyes will speak to them of hidden hate and love. Kural 710 Observe those who are said to see subtly with their mind's eye-- their singular measuring rod is their eyes.


Joel the K said...

Greetings ladies and silver-back gorillas. This comment is a shameless "get better ranking on search-engine" D.I.Y. ratings comment. Feel free to say anything you like, even if it is just blah blah blah. Thank you.

utahstew said...

watch the eye for it shows the mind's intent.
filter the voice for we know it is hell-bent
on lying through it's teeth
got to hear the real voice underneath
the platitudes and deceit
that lead you to kill for others sake
put them in a furnace and watch them bake
but the sun will rise after the last day
when mankind will no longer have a say
in the way of the world and what's at play.

intercessor said...

Good post and so true, the eyes are the easiest thing to read, a universal language so to speak. I read your post often by the way because I like to know what my fellow home town friend is thinking. It is quite reassuring to know that even though there no one near me who is like me, I have been awake and aware since 98 but those around me continue to stay on the downward spiraling roller coaster. It truly is a crazy world we live in.

Joel the K said...

You are from the town where I live? Or just from Ohio?
Have we met in person?

Joel the K said...

Did you write those verses? Well said.