Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drasius Kedys: A Real Man, Who Needs Your Help From Beyond The Grave

Hey now brethren, sistren, mothren and cousin, today's post isn't about the usual Patriots Cave stuff. I recieved a comment today, the contents of which are below. I cut and pasted it as a post. I thought it was one of those scams at first, until I read it all and saw that they are not asking for money. These people are trying to bring more and more public attention to the matter, in order to create enough pressure to save this girl from Luciferian pedophile scum. People have joined hands around the home of the girl, to try and block police from taking her back to her so-called "mother", who pimped her daughter out to Luciferian baby-rapers. The child was THREE freakin years old when this first happened. There is a USstream TV link in the post below, where they are broadcasting live from the home where the girl is. Her Father has been tortured and murdered. Please help distribute this information. The letter/comment I recieved is written all in gold ink below. It's time to start dragging pedophiles out of their hiding places and into the Light.
Dear Sir/Madam, We are writing to everyone and anyone who thinks they could help in ANY way to bring justice to Child Molesters in Lithuania and free the little girl from future damages. This story is frightening and almost impossible to believe, but it is true! It is about a little girl, then 3yrs old who was molested by well known people in Lithuania. The father, Drasius Kedys, tried fighting for his daughter the legal way - by going to the police, by contacting the Child protective Services, by going to state prosecutors and getting nowhere. He then went public. This story brought a huge public interest and resentment toward the Lithuanian authorities. Later the father disappeared. The same day of his disappearance there were two suspects of molesting this little girl killed. The blame was put on the father, who months later was found dead in a very public place. Witnesses say, there were torture marks all over his body, however, the experts hired by the state released a statement saying he died of natural causes. The main suspect is awaiting a trial, however there is another trial in going on - should the girl be returned to the mother, who knew about the molestation of her daughter and played a big part in it herself! The little girl lives with her father's family right now. This story is full of illogical decisions and incomplete investigations. The media is finding out more and more about this case than the prosecutors (who are obviously covering the pedophile clan) and it is becoming clearer that the arguments presented by the media about the prosecutors hiding evidence regarding this story are true. The decision was made by the court to return the girl to her mother, who sold her daughter to these child molesters for the money and better life. Currently, at the very moment - there people gathering around the house where the little girl is staying in order to protect her from returning to her mother. So we are asking you for any help in this case. We need someone to step in and help us to shut this pedophile clan down and bring justice to this girl. Her fathers wish was to never stop fighting for his girls well-being and he is gone! The Lithuanian authorities are not doing their job right. There is corruption going on and it becoming impossible to fight them! Tomorrow - 2010/05/20 9:00 am (GMT+2) - they are coming with POLICE to take the GIRL! Please, get involved! There is a lot of information online about this fight. It's been going on for over two years now. A Girl’s Story: International Media: Foto from Lithuanian National Dailies: Videos from Lithuanian National Dailies: Facebook Groups: ENG: LT: LIVE translation from girl's house: 2010/05/20 Fight, incident with police: Or just Google it: "Drasius Kedys". If you need any more information - please, write back, or to this e-mail: 22 May, 2010


Anonymous said...


Allegations of a child-sex ring with high-level connections left
Lithuanian society in shock. But that quickly turned to outrage and
escalated to worldwide protests around the world. Protests are taking
place at the Lithuanian embassy in London, Canada, Spain, Italy,
Romania and around the world since 16.05.10
( to object to court
rulings giving full custody of a child to an allegedly abusive mother
as well as demanding full internal investigation and a fair trial.

Drąsius Kedys, 37, father of 5 year old Deimantele Kedyte, contacted
authorities in 2009 to report the sexual assault of his daughter by
three men. Kedys addressed the three men in a public letter as Andrius
Ūsas, ex-Head of the Kaunas branch of Labour Party, Jonas
Furmanavičius, judge of Kaunas County Court, and a third blond-haired
man, Aidas. Kedys was caught in a custody battle with Laima
Stankūnaitė, mother of Deimantele, as she hired, Andrius Ūsas, as an
advisor to regain custody of the child.

It was during this legal battle that Kedys found evidence of his
daughter’s abuse, and accused the three men of pedophilia. In an hour
long video created by Kedys in which he interviews his daughter,
graphic details explaining her experience and who had been involved in
her abuse are revealed. Portions of the video can be found on YouTube,
including this one:
(English subtitles), in which she singles out a portrait of Jonas
Furmanavičius as a friend of Andrius Ūsas during the illicit
activities. The man known as “Aidas” has yet to be identified.

Lutianian justice has rejected all the requests of the plaintiff.
Algimantas Valantinas, the General Prosecutor of Lithuania did not
find it appropriate to ask that the judge Furmanavičius be
interrogated, but he did find appropriate to criticise Drąsius Kedys
for having published on Internet, the videos and 200 letters sent to
European Parliament members and Lithuanian authorities, where face
hidden, Diemantele tells what has happened to her. Drasiaus plea
letter in English is available here:

On October 5, a white van blocked the way of Judge Furmanavičius on
T-shaped intersection, as he was going to court, at 8:30 in the
morning. The judge was gunned down by three bullets bellow the belt
and one bullet in the head before witnesses. Two hours later, the
sister of Laima Stankūnaitė, Violeta Naruševičienė, also be exposed to
prostituting her own daughter, was also gunned down. The weapon left
beside the body was registered at the name of Drąsius Kedys. The
Lithuanian authorities will thus not be able to disguise the murders
into suicides, as provided by the procedure to cover-up the crimes
aiming at exposing the network in the too sensitive cases.Following
these events, on April 18th 2010, Kedys, who was on the run as the
prime suspect in the killings of October 5th, was found dead 30km from

The intrigue surrounding his body as well as slow response from the
authorities suggested cover up and evoked public outcry. Groups of
hundreds of people demonstrated in the front of Prosecutors’ Offices
in various Lithuanian cities as well as formed a 'human chain'
surrounding Kedys grandparents house and not letting the daughter to
be given away for a custody of her mother.

The next protest demanding an open and transparent trial as well as
internal investigation will take place on 23/05/10 at 2pm in 84
Gloucester Place London W1U 6AU.

Outraged Patriot said...

This is just way too sad to think and know that this sort of thing goes on is not stopped! All around the world. I pray she is helped! I pray God puts a hedge of protection around her and brings justice swift and sure to any and all that hurt this young child and indeed all young children out there being used so horribly!