Sunday, May 2, 2010

Future Foretold: The SUN GOD's Wrath Unleashed

Greetings ladies and troglodytes, welcome to The Patriots Cave, home of the world famous Patriots Cave cheerleaders. I am Joel the K. It is time for the periodic "State of the Cave" address. Since The Patriots Cave stopped posting the "NEWZBLAST", it may appear to be out of touch with doings, not-doings, comings, goings, happenings, scams, frauds, rumors of war, omens, catastrophes, and potential world-shaking events. And well, yes, it's true. I have not been paying much attention to all that. Nevertheless, balance is key, yes? Yes. Which is why The Patriots Cave will now inject this post into the global mind we call the world-wide web. So, please drop your pants, if you are a lady, if not, just roll up your sleeve, let's get this painful infojection over with. Hold still. Wow! Mrs. Smith, have you been working out? (the doctor is IN) Okay, enough raunchy Cave humor. Gawd. Let's be serious for a minute. I do clown around often, always have. Always in good fun though, not hurtful. But on a serious note, even a grave note, there are some very serious issues at hand. One of them is the bee population. It just came out today that an estimated 1/3rd of bees in the entire USA did not survive the Winter. This is BAD brethren and sistren. Very bad. In the article I read, scientists tested bee hives and found 121 different pesticides inside. But farmers have been using these freakin death chemicals for decades. Why all of the sudden do we lose a third of our bees? Last Winter we lost nearly a third of the bees also. At this rate we won't have any bees by the year......umn........let me calculate..............ah, got it, at that rate we won't have any bees by the year 2012. What a suprise. I have a theory. Bee keepers are reporting empty hives. They are not finding dead bees. The bees just are not there at all. The official Patriots Cave theory regarding the mystery of the vanishing bees reveals a dark and sinister NWO plot. The reason that the bees are missing, is due to scalar weapon technology, HAARP, and/or microwave radiations coming from DETH-TOWERZ, a.k.a. "cell phone" towers. Sound like unscientific conspiracy theory? Read this before you decide:
Dr. Bob Beck conducted a survey study and found out that beekeepers for some reason, do not get cancer. He found one beekeeper who had cancer, but the man had the cancer before becoming a beekeeper. What does this have to do with the massive bee die-off? Everything. This is how I see it from my own intuition: The reason beekeepers don't get cancer cannot be singled out. Some of the reasons are that beekeepers get alot of sunshine, fresh air, excersize, and generally live in a more natural, stress-free way than 99% of people today. But the main reason beekeepers don't get cancer, is because the hum. The bees hum at a natural, God-given frequency. Just like everything else in nature, the golden ratio is to be found vibrating out from the buzz of the bees. This natural buzzing, this sonic "AUM" vibration tunes the cells in the beekeepers body to the natural God-given frequency. This is what my gut, my soul tells me. This is not a textbook lab report from the Brookings Institute, so feel free to set up an experiment to test my hypothesis. But in my heart, I know it is true. Which is why these damn DETH-TOWERZ vibrating their UN-natural frequencies into our atmospheres is wreaking havoc on everything. The NWO has their freaking HAARP weapons cranked up, and the Black-Hat men have their freaking DETH-TOWERZ pulsating ELF waves into everything else.
Now for the punchline. I have a little bit more intuition to share with you. I am about to tell you something which is going to come to pass in the near future. What I am about to tell you is something you #1 better already be prepared for, or #2 better get your butt in high gear and START preparing for ASAP. Here it is:
Nature will not permit this molestation to go on. Ma Kali (my interpretation of Divine Mother) is going to strike HARD. Our local star, which we call "the sun", is going to become extremely active very soon. The SUN GOD is going to emit a blast of energy, so powerful, it will make HAARP look like a Ronco kiddy toy. The coronal mass ejection, this EMP, this Lightning Bolt from Thor, or whatever you want to label it, is going to KNOCK OUT POWER. Think back to the last time you had a black out. Remember how "inconvenient" it was? How long did it last? 3 hours? 12 hours? 3 days? For most of us, 3 days without power would put a serious cramp in our lifestyle. Now consider what 18 months or longer without power will be like? The USA will become a putrid, festering, battleground of death. No hospitals. No grocery stores. No running water. No gasoline. No paychecks. No air-conditioning. No heaters. No snow-plows. No sewage treatment facilities to carry away billions of pounds of human fecal matter. No insulin. No heart pills. No beer. No whiskey. No narcotics from the pharmacy. No Prozac. I don't want to go on with this scenario. If these psycho scientists don't stop frying our Earth with these microwaves, these ELF waves, these SCALAR weapons, and new, unknown waves we have not even been told about. If they do not stop this madness, and I doubt they will, The SUN GOD is going to MAKE THEM STOP. And there aint a gawd-damn thing they're gonna be able to do about it.
The lights are going to go out brethren and sistren. You haven't stopped prepping have you?


Moshe said...

Right on target K. But I think there is an aspect you didn't mention. The CME's direct effect on the human mind. So, imagine all of the horrors of the electric grid down, plus the masses trying to cope with "blown" minds. Not a good picture. The word zombie comes to mind.
Also, just have to tell you how much I appreciated your previous post on How To Banish Disease And Abolish Poverty. Awesome. Your blog is one of the few I follow "religiously" keep courage and press on, your labor is not in vain. Shalom.

Joel the K said...

Wow! Great point Moshe. The CME's effect upon the mind, both singular and collective. How interesting. +++ Thank you for your kind words regarding "How To Banish Disease and Abolish Poverty". I had fun sharing that excerpt. It really vibrated Truth. Moshe, as always, you brightened my day. Shalom.

Anonymous said...


Are you familiar with Schumann Resonance and the ancient Solfreggio harmonics scale?

Joel the K said...

The Schumann resonance, oh yes, I am familiar with Ma Earth's frequency. Isn't it around 7.7 Hz?
And the Solfreggio harmonic tones are phenomenal! I listen to youtube videos with those tones embedded, plus there are geometric patterns on the screen like Yantra and Mandalas. It is awesome. I understand ancient temples were designed to resonate with the God notes. Thank you for mentioning this. I will write a post about this very soon. It is very important. Thanks again. Always be welcome here.

Anonymous said...

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