Sunday, May 30, 2010

No More Prisoners

Greetings sistren, brethren, cousren and mothren. Welcome to The Patriots Cave. I am Joel the K. +++ When I first began blogging, about 350 posts ago, I read some advice from a seasoned blogger, which I have always held to. His advice was this: "Don't ever FORCE a blog post. Wait until you really need to communicate something, and then post it. In this way your posts will always be sincere." +++ I am paraphrasing a bit, because I don't recall the exact words. But the meaning is there. This is why 3-5 days often go by in between posts. F.Y.I. +++ I have something to say now. What I am about to say is very important for you, I, and all earthlings, especially humans. This post is about prisoners. Sometimes people call them "pets". I am here to tell you today that we are committing a great sin. Many of us are amassing evil karma through this phenomena we call "pets". I will explain. But first, let me come right out and make this perfectly clear. Please do not EVER purchase a dog or a cat from a "pet store". It is a sin. If you wish to harbor a dog or cat, then please go to your local animal shelter and rescue one of these innocent beings who sits on death row, waiting for a kind human to adopt them, or the alternative: execution. Please think of this. Please spread this message to others. I don't mean go on a big dramatic campaign or anything. I just mean, you know, in conversation and stuff, just kindly pass it on to other people how insane it is for these puppy mills to keep breeding dogs and cats for greed and profit, when millions of lonely, sad, depressed and abused innocent animals are just sitting there in cramped cages, suffering, because of human greed and vanity. Human beings go on with this sinful practice of selling living, breathing creatures of God, as if they are mere toys, to be created, disposed of, and killed at a whim, whenever little Bobby becomes bored with them, and instead wants a NEW "pet". God forgive me. I have penance to do. So much. As I mature, now on my 42nd orbit around our local star, I begin to realize how far from Goodness and Love I truly am. I begin to see flashes from the past, people I hurt, things I did, things I didn't do that I should have done. Then I consider that there are billions of us doing this. Stepping on Gods furry children as if we are some kind of brats who can do anything they want. Think about it brethren and sistren. Think about the INSANITY of pet stores, breeding animals to make and hoard money and material possessions. Knowing there are millions and billions of dogs and cats sitting in dog pounds all across the nation, suffering. IT IS SIN. I will NEVER again support a "pet" store which engages in selling dogs and/cats. Our family has dogs, cats, and lizards. Our cats were orphans stranded outside with no mother. We took them in and love them. Our dogs are mixed breed dogs from a family who's dog got pregnant. Our lizards we bought from the "pet" store. But never again. I no longer believe in it. Having animal friends is fine. In fact, it is a great opportunity to serve. All we have to do is rescue a dog or cat from an animal shelter and we have done something real, something good. Yesterday I turned 3 gerbils loose. They were bought at a pet store a few years ago. They were miserable. They were insane from being in a cage. They would fight one another until their white fur was RED. And I mean 100% red with blood, from nose to tail. I took them out to the woods, filled up the water bottle, and the food bowl, and opened the door. This was the happiest those little fur-balls have ever been in this life. What an adventure they are on. After a few hours of exploring, they began to build an outdoor dwelling place. Instincts kicked in. Even if the birds get them, or Brahma, my wild cat friend gets them, at least they tasted freedom. They experienced Ma Nature, their true Mother. I was wrong to buy those gerbils. I will never do it again. In our home, we have 2 lizards. A bearded dragon and a leopard gecko. We bought them at the pet store. About 10 months ago, our bearded dragon became ill with a deadly disease called metabolic bone disease. It eats away the bones, and turns them to jelly. Our beautiful lizard who was so strong and so fast, turned into a lifeless lump. She could not even walk. She just wiggled in one place and could not even move. It was so sad. Well, I found out that it was MY fault. Sophia (the dragon) was not getting vitamin D3, because I bought the wrong light. It has to be a special light, and I bought the wrong one. Plus, my son was trying to give her a powder supplement when she was still healthy, and I told him she did not need a powder supplement. A few weeks later, her bones were liquid, and she was dying. Her legs were just like a rubber band. I became depressed. I prayed. I prayed so hard. I was determined this lizard was not going to die of metabolic bone disease. I layed her on my bare belly as I layed down on my back. I told her I am sorry, this is my fault, and it's going to get better. A lady I work with has a daughter who is a vet tech. She came all the way from Columbus to our house, 60 miles. She picked up Sophia and said "I'm sorry, but she is dead". Then she looked at her very carefully and saw that Sophia had the slightest movement of breath. She injected water into Sophi, because she was dehydrated from not being able to move. It was apparently a hopeless case. I prayed. Then I took a small picture of Lahiri Mahasaya, who was the guru of Sri Yuktesvar, who was the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, my gurudeva. I took the small picture of Lahiri Mahasaya and taped it to the lizard aquarium, so that Sophia could see Him. My wife gave Sophi water injections once or twice per day. We fed Sophi baby food from an eye dropper. After a few weeks she could crawl around on her belly. Brethren and sistren, Sophi would crawl over to Lahairi Mahasaya's photo, put her nose on Him, and go to sleep. She did this many times. Sophia is now a BIG, strong bearded dragon. She is 7 times bigger than she was before. She is so fast, when we put crickets in her aquarium, she can hunt all 10 of them down in about one minute. And her aquarium is a 55 gallons, so the crickets really spread out and run in all directions. She can climb her driftwood and perch at the top with perfect balance all night as she sleeps. That photo of The Master is still there. You can read about Lahiri Mahasaya in the book: "Autobiography Of A Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. +++++++ As for me, I will never again purchase a living creature to keep in a cage for my or my family's amusement. If we want a new friend, we will go rescue one from the local animal shelter. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Outraged Patriot said...

What a beautiful & loving post! I feel your care, love and attention not to mention your acceptance of guilt is just beautiful-it is the most mature and heartfelt story I've read in a long while. What a responsible philosophy to share with your children too. You did good Joel. I agree and have read so many horror stories about those horrible pet stores and the terrible treatment those pets live with. The dog and cats we have have always come to us. Like those hobo signs that were once used, I think the neighborhood animals leave some mark that says-"hey nice family down the road with good food" :) Strays always seem to show up & end up staying and become part of the family.

Joel the K said...

Thank You Opie. I can totally relate to your comparison to hobo sign symbols and stuff from the great Depression era. My wife and I often joke around that Saint Francis leads stray creatures to our doorstep. Big John and the Lipscomb's are this way too. Dogs in trouble will find their way to the Lipscomb homestead. Vacationers and campers, hunters, sportsman and what not come out to the big Toronto Lake, and they either lose their dogs or the dog decides to split from it's "owner". Anyway, these dogs are magnetically attracted to the Lipscomb's place, where they must sense Big John's big heart, and his family's giving nature. Animals are often closer to God than we humans. Thanks for your visit O.P., and I appreciate your comments always.
--- J the K

Wonder Gal said...

shalom, Yoel, & thank you for a beautiful & very thought-provoking post... not just thought-provoking but heart-awakening.
I'm glad your critter is better & glad your gerbils got to be free. We have also had pets & now they are all gone. We needed them, we needed their unconditional love, & we tried to be as good to them as they were for us. But I agree, the "pets" from "pet stores" are so unhappy ! I can just tell by looking at them ! I cannot go into a pet store, it is too sad to see the animals there. I bought my pets food & supplies from the grocery store or their vet or a local seed-&-feed store instead. & yes they had a lot of really good food: the kind they'd eat in the wild, like venison & rice for the dog and organic carrots & corn for the 8 bunnies. They lived very long lives & eventually died of old age -- except for two bunnies, who escaped into the wild. I wanted that for them so I'm fine with that; we had cared for them in ways that basically they'd need no adjustment at all to being in the wild. They knew how to burrow & forage etc. I don't know if we will ever get another dog, but if we do it'll be from a friend or a shelter.
I have found that the way people treat animals is the way they will treat a helpless person.
& although some people will learn patience & compassion from their animals, most need to be taught those virtues before they can practice on their "pets". An animal is not the one to be teaching those virtues! they must be taught by humans to the human (usually it's a child), then the child can exercise those virtues with their pet. Although a pet can be a huge comfort, there are problems no animal can solve & no animal can be expected to solve. A boy living in my mom's neighborhood has had a very neglected childhood & shows his hurt by hurting anyone. His grandparents try but don't really do much with him; he watches a lot of tv.. so he neglects his dog, just as he was neglected. Sad. So thank you again for your voice of loving reason & truth !!!!

Joel the K said...

Wonder Gal,
Shalom. Thank you very much for sharing this. You are so right about people and their relationships with animals. I will pray for that neighbor boy, that his heart will be touched by Love in a noticeable way. Thank you for your visit WG. Namaste.
---J the K

Anonymous said...

I am curious what Mitzi can do with this!!

Yours truly