Tuesday, May 25, 2010

North Korea, Chemicals and Stars

Greetings sistren and brethren, welcome to The Patriots Cave. I am Joel the K. A few days ago I wrote a post about the constructed artificial reality which the mass electronic media conjures up. I talked about how the DJIA dropped 1,000 points in just a few hours, yet was quickly smoothed over by mass media. I talked about how the media has been hyping war with Iran for at least 5-6 years now. I spoke of how every few months a headline appears telling how extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent. I was in a bit of a mood that day. My jaded was showing. I got some excellent comments and feedback on that post. Thank you. Today The Patriots Cave will amend that post.
The Patriots Cave does not recommend NOT preparing for food shortages, famines, natural disasters, CME's, and/or economic depression. Do not cease being prepared for 2012. Those of you who believe 2012 is a joke, a fraud, a myth, a fantasy, paranoia, or is just something for the tin foil hat-wearing nutters to talk about, will regret not taking it seriously. The Patriots Cave is not saying the world will burst into flames on 12/21/2012. But the earth is ripe for catastrophic events to occur, and seers from indigenous cultures the world over have seen it coming. Don't believe? Fine. But if you have children, you should consider swallowing your intellectual pride and getting prepared for their sakes. Food, water, basic medicine, water purification, shelter, garments, manuals, heirloom seeds, silver coins, basic hunting implements, knife, fishing poles, and so on. Basically everything a family would need to camp out in the woods for an extended period of time and in all four seasons.
See? Joel the K is not saying that preparing is a waste of energy. Far from it. I can't help but to notice that the so-called "free" markets are under manipulation. It seems the rest of the world is waking up, as America sits in the flickering family-room, eating MSG chips and watching Star-search with glazed eyes. It's getting old. Real old. People just are so freaking gawd damn stupid man. They are dumber than your average lab rat.
But it's okay. We are Spirit. So no matter what happens in the heavy planes of existence, life goes on. Always has, always will. The important thing is to do our duty day to day. Do the best we can do by our family. Make a spiritual effort today. Sri Yukteswar said that everything will get better, if you make a spiritual effort today. How true that is. NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what. Even if our local star turns into a red giant and burns this planet to a crisp. As long as I am present right now. Doing the best I can today. Then what else is there? We do what we can do, and we steadily work towards betterment and greater depth of knowledge and wisdom.
That post I wrote. It was sarcastic, I know. If you really read it though, you will see that I arrived at no conclusions with that post. It was my way of venting some frustration. I'm not advocating passivism. But I am determined to focus my energies instead of just flying helter-skelter across the worldwide web, getting bashed in the brain by endless unfocused examinations of how bad it is. It is pointless. Not to mention the fact that the alternative media is ate up with liars, charlatans, and opportunists. Focus.
It's bad brethren and sistren. We know this. There are so many chemicals in our drinking water and in our food now that we cannot even count them. Hell, laboratories only test for 50 or 60 chemicals. Industry and agriculture have contaminated out world with at least 10,000 poisonous chemicals. The air is toxic. The water is toxic. The food. What can we do? Do we run around trying to identify every chemical? Then get a petition going against each chemical? The hour is late. You might want to think about it in a different way now in this late hour. If we focus on our own vehicle. Our own body. Keeping the body in a state of dynamic flushing may be a better solution. Just assume that we need to keep EVERYTHING moving in the body, so that contaminants cannot settle. But hey, if you have the time and energy to chase down all these toxins and the industries dumping them, go for it. If that is your duty, then do your duty by all means. It's time for some people to really look deep within, and find out what our duty truly is. What our mission in life really is. Why we chose to come here. What our destiny truly is. Many of us have an intermediate mission of raising and guiding our children. What a beautiful and privileged duty this is. I thank God.
Once again the mass media is screaming "War-War-War". This time it is North Korea. The hype is amping up. Was I tempted to write a doomy-gloomy post about WWIII, Kim Jung Il, nuclear missiles and five battle groups steaming towards total war? Sure I was, it makes an interesting article, with adrenaline and quickening pulses. And maybe the world IS heading towards war. But more and more brethren and sistren, I am realizing that outter circumstances should not blow my will and determination to and fro like a boat in the storm. I need to plant my feet on a solid foundation. And if I must set sail, I should always keep the pole-star in my sight.


moshe said...

Another great post by the ever humble Joel (Buddha) the K.
On the subject you covered concerning all of the toxins we intake, may I make a recommendation? Along with the pure food you grow in your gardens, you should also have a spot for medicinal herbs. I have been doing that for years, but only recently included some chinese and ayurvedic herbs. I have stocked up on some of these (via internet) until I have a well established supply of my own. Heaven only knows how long before Big Brother no longer allows us access to natural remedies so get busy.You beat them by staying alive. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Everyone will soon see how important this is.
Shalom. Namaste.

Joel the K said...

Lord Moshe-ji,
Namaste. Excellent advice Moshe-ji, to grow a medicinal herbs garden. I still have time to plant them. I too have recently discovered the power of Ayurvedic medicines. I bought a potent preparation from India. They are for acne and other skin problems. They work on cleansing the blood and balancing the different systems. I got the tablets from Sri Ram Dev. I will look for seeds so I too may grow Ayurvedic herbs. Great idea Moshe, thank You.
Shalom. Jai Ram.

prioritythinking said...

I often think I'm not ready . Your post puts things in order . I can be like G Washington fearless with faith . I have a noble ideal that I will support. liberty.

Joel the K said...

Great thoughts. Thank you for your feedback. I truly appreciate this.

Outraged Patriot said...

good advice on the herb garden, but make sure you know how to identify them in the wild as well. Sometimes the wild version is a little different looking than the cultivated ones. Also as long as we are talking about toxins I thought I should add some info about Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous earth has a negative charge and bacteria has a positive charge. It is believed that diatomaceous earth sweeps bacteria and some heavy metals like aluminum out of the body by trapping it in it's honeycomb shaped skeletal form. Here's a good site with info.
I buy mine here: www.herbalhealer.com -they have
the best price. I also use it in my stored grains and never have any problems with bugs because on a microscopic level it has sharp edges that cut the exoskeleton of bugs, parasites, worms etc and they die.
Keep up the great posts Joel!