Monday, June 14, 2010

I Am Here Now

Forgive me brethren and sistren, for the delay in posting. Our family has been in the process of moving to a new home. Whew! I'm back. Welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K, a householder and kshatriya in the Bharata tradition. I live in the state of Ohio in the USA. I am exhausted, but I have to get this post up regardless. My leg muscles are all twitching and taxed out. The last time I moved I was around 30 years old. What a difference 10 years can make. Still, I am happy with my performance. I pushed myself very hard, and got a second wind just when I felt I would die of exhaustion. I thank God.
There are two laps to go brethren, sistren, cousren and heathen. Two laps. Two more orbits around the great ball of fire, our star, our Sun. Our little flying rock we call Earth, our little blue-green spaceship, will soon reach that projected coordinate in spacetime called 2012. It's getting interesting, is it not? It's getting intense. Those of you smart enough to have been stocking up on survival supplies should be feeling duly justified for your past concern. Keep it up.
The situation on this planet is crucial. Man, if you cannot see that it's all coming down in the next 2 years, then you probably stumbled upon this website by accident. Last year The Patriots Cave began an experiment to disprove the existence of a large, incoming planetary or stellar body known as Nibiru, Herculobus, or Planet X. The analysis was based on data of fireballs, meteors, meteorites and other incoming space debris. The idea being that if Planet X was in fact headed our way, it would attract a great deal of smaller objects due to it's massive size. Therefore we here on Earth could expect to observe a sharp increase in the frequency of incoming fireballs and space debris as Nibiru approaches. The Patriots Cave has not made confirmation yet, but more evidence is coming in. According to astronomers, Jupiter is getting slammed by incoming space debris at a rate that is off the charts. Jupiter is a big boy, and serves as a barometer of sorts of things to come here on our little planetary spaceship.
Then there is the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Whoa Nellie. Brethren and sistren, I don't need to tell you things are tough. I don't need to tell you that America may soon be a death zone of biblical proportions, with deadly toxins raining down from the sky. I'm not hyping it, truly I am not. I want to share with you how my perspective is transforming. It may help some of you younger readers who have not had much time to look deeply into yourself. It is very simple. Instead of focusing the attention on external factors, focus instead on oneself. I am discovering new ways to apply this powerful formula, especially during moments of stress and anger. Situations, or circumstances are always neutral, they are not "out to get me". And this next application is the most crucial one, here it is: Every single thought that I think, will result in consequences.
Brethren and sistren, our world is changing so rapidly now. We cannot possibly chase after trillions of external lures. Each one of us is a nation, a city, a world and a universe. +++
The Patriots Cave is planning to post a series which will knock your socks off. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, inside and within. Hari Aum.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joel - sorry to hear about the soreness, icy hot is my friend these days...try some to soothe those aches.

Can't wait to hear your series on 'My thoughts, My Realty' perspectives. Keep us informed about the interstellar and inter-consciousness happenings.