Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Patriots Cave Is Now Broadcasting Alex Jones LIVE

The Patriots Cave Is Now Transmitting Live Alex Jones Simulcast
Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome. The Patriots Cave is now simulcasting The Alex Jones Show LIVE. So if the INFOWARS server is ever clogged up, and you want to listen to the show FAST, just come here to The Patriots Cave. The Patriots Cave is also now featuring a new INFOWARS headlines widget, where you can read the latest Prison Planet and INFOWARS headlines from right here in the Cave. Last but not least, Joel the K and The Patriots Cave is proud to present to our readers, 10 anti-New World Order documentary films in high quality, on our new Patriots Cave Anti New World Order Documentary Film Projector Widget. Check it out, it is super fast and you can scroll through all of the titles with ease before selecting one to view. If you wish to watch one of the documentary films, simply go to the Alex Jones Show INFOWARS widget, and click "PAUSE". That will stop the live Alex Jones Show Patriots Cave simulcast, so that you won't be hearing the Alex Jones Show AND the documentary film at the same time.
      The Patriots Cave wishes to help inform the public about eugenics, poisons in popular foods, the dangers of vaccination, fluoride in the water, the New World Order, and the hidden dangers of 99% of all pharmaceutical drugs. Alex Jones attacks these issues relentlessly. The Patriots Cave applauds Jones for exposing the false LEFT-RIGHT paradigm, instead of taking up a  position on the FALSE RIGHT, like so many are doing right now. Alex Jones is the heart and soul of the mass-movement towards informing the people about what the monied class blue-blood Illuminati families are in the process of doing. The Patriots Cave is excited to simulcast The Alex Jones Show LIVE, and to transmit the latest broadcast on a recorded loop, until the next live show begins. And don't miss the INFOWARS headline news-widget and the Anti-New World Order documentary films widget either. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Outraged Patriot said...

Wow Joel, I love what you've done with your site!! Nice changes and all the info you need to wake up is at a click. Fantastic.

DustyDave said...


Joel the K said...

Thanks Opie. Your SD-Preppers blog inspired me actually. I am muy pumped about this Patriots Cave now. I have a set of publicity stunts in the bullpen to draw in more readers. Take care OP, and thanks again, and God bless.
Dusty Dave,
Thanks man. Thank you for your visit. You always check down The Patriots Cave. I appreciate that. Mom is starting to regain movement on her left side now. Recovering from the surgery and the stroke. Her amnesia is not as bad now either. See you later Dusty Dave. God bless you and yours.
---Joel the K

DustyDave said...

Man, I am glad to hear she is doing better. Back at ya man!