Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Search Of.....

This is Joel the K next to Denny Roach's PIGBEAST trophy. I am 180 lbs., compare me to the pig, imagine what it weighed?
Good day brethren and sistren, welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K. Our family just returned from a trip and adventure to Chicago. Our younglings attended a 3 day martial arts intensive. It was a life changing event for them. They learned invisibility and movement from a Force-RECON U.S. Marine, SOG. They conducted night-time exercises, infiltration and defense. They practiced with spears, swords, shurikin, and more. They had sunrise meditations and a moonlight fire ritual to bond with their brethren and sistren. They had so much fun. I thank God I was able to take them to this event. When I first heard about this event, and how it aimed to harmonize and balance young minds through confidence, training, adventure and mind-skills, I told my wife that our kids were going to attend this event even if I have to sell my personal treasures. I am so very proud of my children, who are already made of better stuff than their Dad.
    While the kids were practicing Ninjitsu in the woods of Illinois, I took the opportunity to visit family in the Chicago area and to pay a visit to Mr. Denny Roach, a world class hunter. Mr. Roach had just returned from Alaska where he was hunting grizzly. Alas for him though, his hunt proved fruitless this time. Mr. Roach did not grudge the fact that he wasn't able to take a grizzly this time though, "I'll get'em next time" was his attitude.
   In the picture above I am posing next to a wild pig that Denny Roach hunted and successfully killed. The photo was poor quality though, which is a shame because that pig was freaking HUGE man. Mr. Denny Roach held the record in North America for the largest mountain lion kill. I can't recall what the head measurement ratio score was, but the cat was over 9 feet long nose to tail. Big kitty. I however was more interested in Denny's wild pigs. Mr. Roach gave me some experiential council regarding the habits and behavior of wild boars, and a few other wild pig species, all cousin to the wild pigs found here in Ohio. Denny Roach has hunted wild and dangerous game all over the world, and is no stranger to these wild swine-beasts.
   My son and I are planning an expedition into the hills of Southern Ohio, where we will hunt the wild pig. We are not going on a guided hunt. The cheapest guided hunt I have found costs $500 each and they guarantee that you get a kill. This tells me that they basically untie a pig around the corner from you and let you blow it away. Meanwhile, while you are glorying in your pig kill, the guy is thumbing through the $500 in C-notes you just forked over to him. No. No way. We would rather take the chance of not even spotting a wild pig, than to go that route.
    If you live in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, and you know where there are some wild pigs on free land, please leave a comment or e-mail me, Joel the K, at joelweldon@rocketmail.com. Also, if you have ever hunted the wild PIGBEAST, I would very much like to talk to you about it. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.
P.S. We will be hunting the boar with spears only.


Mayberry said...

We're overrun with feral hogs down here in Texas. Be careful spear hunting, those buggers are ornery! I know several people who've been treed, and even gored by wild boar...

Joel the K said...

What's up May-B? Yeah, I hear these swine are some real live bad-asses. That's what we want. A TRUE hunt, where the prey is capable of mounting a vicious counter-attack. Never will we feel so alive.
Thanks for your visit May-B. Truly, I appreciate it.
Peace be on you and your house.
---Joel the K