Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dow Jones Poised For Dramatic Shift + My Fortnight Strategy To Cash In On It

  Thank you for coming, and welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K. Market indicators are flashing red.Trusted sources have their fingertips on the "sell" button in preparation for the next major crash of The Greater Depression, which Joel the K sees happening within the fortnight. Quantitative easing (pumping paper money into the U.S. economy) has the Dow Jones jacked up so high that the clones are investing heavily in most sectors. This is the "jobless recovery" we heard so much about. Now we know the mechanics of it. Now we understand how a jobless recovery works. It works by injecting trillions of dollars of paper into the system, artificially propping up the veneer of what was once the greatest industrial powerhouse on the planet. Our economy is like the set of a Hollywood film, where all of the buildings look real, only they are not. When you peek behind the building, you see that it is a fake front, with nothing behind it except a few 2"x4"s propping it up. That is what the jobless recovery is like; a false prop with nothing behind it. It's about to fall over.
   Joel the K has plotted an economic strategy for the next 10-14 days. My present fortnight economic strategy is as follows:
   The way I see it, silver and the other precious metals will never be had at a lower overall price than they are right now, and over the course of the next 10-14 days. Now is the time to buy, buy, buy!!! And believe me Joel the K is doing just that. How could I not? The spot price for silver has a rocket strapped to it. Now is the time to harness the energy of that rocket. Those who do nothing will see their paper dollars lose buying power in dramatic fashion. Those who put off buying silver will pay much, much more later than they would if they bought now. It's rocket science, and silver is the rocket. I just opened a package containing shiny new 1 oz. silver eagles. They are the most beautiful coins in the world.  
2010 Silver American Eagles - Brilliant Uncirculated
So, part 1 of my fortnight strategy is to purchase the maximum number of silver eagles via the APMEX banners located at various points here in The Patriots Cave. Part II of my fortnight economic strategy involves buying shares of stock in a silver mining company called Great Panther Silver. Before I tell you about Great Panther, you should know that Joel the K is not affiliated with them. I am receiving no compensation or incentives for promoting Great Panther Silver. Great Panther Silver Limited is one of the fastest growing silver producers in Mexico with solid leverage in relation to the future explosive increases in silver's spot price. In other words, as the spot price for silver takes off like a silver bat out of hell, Great Panther Silver is positioned to increase it's revenues. GP owns 100% interest in two producing mines and employs over 800 people.
    Great Panther is actually home based in Canada, but mines silver in Mexico. GP has increased production in 12 of 15 successive quarters. Another solid factoid about GP, is its cost per ounce. A few years ago it was costing GP over $11.00/oz. to actually mine the silver. Since that time Great Panther has reduced production cost per oz. to $6.50/oz. What is more, with recent developments it is anticipated that by 2012 GP will have reduced its cost per oz. down to $4.00/oz.. Of course all investments involve risk, and people should research it themselves before proceeding. I myself feel investing in physical silver is the best investment available to the public. Investing in gold mines and silver mines for me is simply putting a few eggs in separate baskets. It's true the stock market is expected to plunge in the next 14 days. If it does, keep your eye on the gold mines and silver mines. While other types of companies stocks are going down the tubes, precious metals related stocks will be gaining strength and momentum.
2010 Silver American Eagles - Brilliant Uncirculated
   You are invited to listen to Joel the K live on the air, Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM eastern standard time, as I broadcast the worldwide web's newest radio show: The Patriots Cave Silver News.
This Sunday I will explain how displaced workers can create their own job buying and selling penny stock precious metal mining companies. No job? Make your own! Get yourself an automatic broker and have fun working in your own garage like me. Tune in for my show. Last week was my intro show, this week the gloves come off. I will explain exactly how to get situated to be able to buy and sell penny stock from your computer.  For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


NatSilver said...


I'm interested in what you have to say on your next show. GPR stock price in 2009 average about .20/share. Today it's 1.11/share. How does this qualify as a penny stock? I do see silver being taken down temporarily that's when I will buy on the dip.

Joel the K said...

Hey NatSilver, how goes it? Thank you for your visit. The Securities and Exchange Commission defines penny stock as a share trading at or below $5.00 each. Most traders however consider a penny stock to be one that trades under $1.00/share. There are other definitions as well, for example some define it by market cap, or by if the shares pay dividends. At any rate, by official SEC definition, GPR is a penny stock. I also consider GPR a penny stock because of it's relatively small market cap, and it's relatively short business history. Compare $1.11/share to a blue chip trading at $150.00/share and that has been around for 80 or 90 years. GPR could dip below 99 cents and it would not be a very drastic dip. So although GPR is definitely moving towards breaking the $5.00/share barrier, and I believe they will before 2012 is over, they are not there yet. Great Panther Silver Limited is still a penny stock, and a good one at that I feel. Thanks again for the question and for your interest NatSilver.

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