Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joel the K Returns To The Airwaves: The Patriots Cave Silver News

 Hello and welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K. On Sunday October 24th, at 09:00 hours EST, Joel the K will return to the airwaves, live, broadcasting the newest radio program on the worldwide web: The Patriots Cave Silver News, on BlogTalk Radio. The Patriots Cave Silver News will broadcast every Sunday morning at 9 o'clock AM eastern, 8:00 AM central. I will be discussing, examining and analyzing silver prices, trends, silver mine pennystocks, market indicators, warnings, and my own silver price predictions for the coming week. If you are a gold bull, you won't be left out, as many of the junior silver mining companies I will be analyzing for potential pennystock investments also mine gold. Silver however is most definitely the nucleus of the show. Why? Tune in to The Patriots Cave Silver News and find it out. I will present facets of laying out a strong spread on physical silver as a hedge against economic collapse. But it does not end there. I will share how I am creating a silver mine mini-fund, through purchasing cheap pennystock shares, some of them costing less than 5 cents per share! And I will project The Patriots Cave forecast. Listen as I map out the path for our silver bull to rage upon. 
      I am inviting you to be in on this. My show is Sunday mornings, so it won't interfere with your workaday week. If you are worshiping God on Sunday mornings, you can catch the replay anytime right here at The Patriots Cave. Just don't miss it. This is where we're supposed to be. The Patriots Cave Silver News, with Joel the K, Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM EST, starting Oct. 24, 2010 on the BlogTalk Radio Network. For the Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.  


Anonymous said...

Joel, what's the link to you new radio show?

Anonymous said...

Yes Joel, you are right on the money with silver (excuse the pun) but we should be careful to avoid govt backed mints (non confiscate-able)My group's choice is Argor Hereus mint through our involvement with for both silver and gold. The best solution is to control your own silver mine........I will watch this development with much interest.... from Wayne, Perth,Australia