Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Patriots Cave Silver News Knocks Alex Jones Out Of Line-Up

Hello brethren and sistren, welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K. I launched my radio program this morning at 09:00 eastern standard time on the world famous BlogTalkRadio Network. As you will have noticed by now, my radio show The Patriots Cave Silver News, has replaced The Alex Jones Show as The Patriots Cave simulcast. Nothing against Alex mind you, there just isn't room for two simulcasts on this one website. The Patriots Cave salutes Alex Jones for allowing us to simulcast his ever-growing broadcast transmission. I am sure you will have no trouble finding Alex's show on Infowars, Prison Planet, or GCN.
Joel the K
    My new show, The Patriots Cave Silver News, will now broadcast automatically every Sunday, all day. On Mondays the auto-broadcast feature will be turned off for the remainder of the week. You may still hear the latest show Monday - Saturday by simply clicking the "PLAY" button on my BlogTalk radio player widget. In other words, my show will play by itself on my website only on Sundays. We recieved some complaints about the automatic play feature. I guess some of my readers were trying to sneak in to The Patriots Cave while at the office, then all of a sudden Alex Jones' voice comes belting out from their cubicle! Alerting everyone in the office, including their boss, to the fact that they are tuning in to AJ during work hours on a company computer! Ha ha! Ooops! Er,...uh.....sorry about that. It is for this reason that my new show will only play automatically on Sundays. Still, it is funny, the guys boss is a total clone, and here comes AJ screaming out loud and Growllllling about the NWO! Ha! Gotta love that.
   I wish to thank you for tuning in to The Patriots Cave Silver News. My first show was totally from the hip because my MSWORD program froze up right before the show began. So all my show notes were locked inside my computer. Still, after a few minutes of trying to unlock my notes, I finally became resigned to continuing the show without them. Future episodes will be much more exciting with better use of time. I am pleased regardless with this first episode, as the Trickster tried to stop me from transmitting and I prevailed. Nice try Trickster.
   Next Sunday all the introductions will be out of the way so we can get right down to business for the full 30 minutes. Until then, look for a new feature on The Patriots Cave by Wednesday, and a fresh article-post up also by mid-week. Thanks again for tuning in, and please subscribe to this blog if you have not done so yet, as it increases our ratings score and allows me to reach more people. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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