Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prepare For Siege

     Welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K. Are you prepared for economic siege? What does Joel the K mean by "economic siege"? I'm talking about the long-term outlook. We know that the USD fiat paper currency is doomed. We know that unprecedented natural disasters are even now looming upon the horizon. We are certain that logistics failures, famine, and food shortages are only a matter of time. Joel the K sees that the Greater Depression is like a rising flood. These of course are the reasons people are making ready their families by stocking up on storeable food, water purification apparatus, bivouac supplies, emergency medical supplies, heirloom crop seeds, warm clothing and other fundamental necessities. But what about the middle ground? Have you considered that the coming hard times may not look like we expect?
   Perhaps TEOTWAWKI will be a very long and painful economic depression. Unemployment rises to 45%. Inflation climbs high, but not so high that everything stops. Just high enough to grind the working class, slowly and methodically, into the dirt. No climax. No comets from outer space. No pandemics killing off 75% of the world's population. No grand, dramatic date to write down in the history books later. Have you considered that? If not, you better might.
  I am positioning what little money I have in silver. I am purchasing shares in small silver mines by way of pennystocks. I am buying a silver coin here and there when I can. Nothing dramatic, a few silver mercury dimes, a few silver eagles, some silver half dollars. Maybe a 1 oz. bullion bar here and there to mix it up. I keep an eye on the markets, always watching for a dip in the spot price so I can save a few bucks and afford another coin, or a few more shares in a junior silver mine or two. I am building my own mini-mutual fund with junior silver mine stocks. Does that sound crazy? To be playing with the stock market? Not if you do your homework. Investing in silver mines is in my opinion a very strong move right now. And investing in physical silver is in my opinion a VERY strong move right now, and for years to come. 
   In 1976, a relative purchased pennystock shares in a handful of small gold-mines. Gold was apx. $160.00 per ounce back then. By 1980 gold had skyrocketed to over $800 per ounce! Uncle K's pennystocks in those little gold mines lifted off into the stratosphere! 5 cents per share turned into 5 DOLLARS per share! When Uncle K bought 10,000 shares, it cost him little more than 500 bucks! Go ahead, calculate in your head how much Uncle K made when he sold those 10,000 shares at five bucks a piece.
   Silver right now, is where gold once was. It is so cheap right now that ten years from now people will look back and wish they would have cut out a few luxury expenses like cable T.V. and sunk that dough into silver coins. That silver eagle which you can buy right now from APMEX, for around 27 bucks, may some day in the near future command ten or twenty times what you paid for it. Look for my APMEX affiliate banner right here at The Patriots Cave. Don't miss the boat brethren and sistren. A very tough decade is coming for those who fail to prepare. Be smart. God bless you and us all. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Bustednuckles said...

I don't come here often but when I do and the next thing I know there is Alex Jones blaring through my speakers at full blast without me knowing what is going on, I find it hard to read any thing you have to say while I am busy trying to find the offending link to shut it off.
Just thought you might like to know.

Anonymous said...

interesting, thanks


tsk tsk tsk tsk,

Busted better leave the PIMPS buddy alone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Funny as hell. Or, I'm afraid I really do not funny, but creepy.

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