Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sorcha Faal:What Does It Mean?

Are Sorcha Faal's Predictions Accurate? The Patriots Cave Finds Out
      Sorcha Faal. +++ Gooday brethren, sistren, and heathen, welcome to The Patriots Cave, the last website in the northern hemisphere not infected by that new Trojan Malware, the dreaded Ima Dick virus. Okay then, on with the post. If you keep up with alternative news on the web, you must have read articles on the website . It really is a unique website. On one hand it has bar-none the best daily headline news coverage on the web today. has pertinent headline news from every major country on the planet, every single day. For daily news, it's unbeatable. On the other hand, it has a fantastical feature story about once or twice per week. The Patriots Cave is of the opinion that this operation is actually two entirely seperate operations ran by two seperate groups of people. The daily news is put together by a team working tirelessly. The feature stories on the other hand are all written by the same one person. I see "tells", or little style clues, in every article, indicating the same author behind them all. These articles are like the National Enquirer of the conspiracy movement.
      But are they accurate? Sorcha Faal makes dramatic predictions in the headlines of these weekly feature runs. Have any of them came true? Let's examine some of Sorcha Faal's past headlines, the really dramatic, apocalyptic, prophecies of doom type headlines, and see what percentage of Sorcha Faal's predictions have actually come to pass.
     Before we go back in time to cross-check Sorcha Faal, have you seen their latest headline?! Here it is:
Obama Set To Flee America As US Dollar Faces 50% Devaluation
     Okay see what I mean? That is a fairly drastic headline and a fairly dramatic prediction. This journalist is telling the world that Obama is "set to flee" the United States of America, and that the U.S. dollar is set to collapse. Is it true? Could it be true? Well, Sorcha Faal makes show-stopping predictions like this one you just read every single week, sometimes twice per week. Let us now go back in time and see once and for all if there is any legitimacy to this Sorcha Faal and this "" shall we?
    United States and South Korea Prepare For Imminent War on Korean Peninsula, Vast Air Armada Prepares For Invasion
Sorcha Faal missed the mark on that one. 0-1. Let's check another...

World Leaders Prepare For Chaos As Scientists Confirm Massive Ocean Changes, Massive Droughts Begin Overtaking Entire Globe
Well brethren and sistren, after reading the article I must admit Sorcha Faal nailed it that time. Think of Pakistan flooding and the unprecedented droughts in the past two years. The score is 1-1. Let's keep going...

Hidden Agenda: The Drug That Doesn’t Work For a Disease That Doesn’t Exist, American Nation Destroyed
Slam dunk! 2-1.

Nuclear Attack in United States ‘Imminent’ As Jews Continuing Fleeing From North America, Benjamin Netanyahu Identified As London ‘Target’ In Bombings, Israel Continues Descent into Total ChaosWrong. 2-2.

Bush Flees United States for Saudi Arabia as Israel Accelerates Attack Timetable in Continuing Secret War with America, US Prepares For Martial Law
No. 2-3.

 Bingo! 3-3. 3-4.

Sorcha Faal NAILED this one! This predicted the collapse of 2008! 4-4.

Score another one for Sorcha Faal. 5-4.

Sorcha Faal was right. 6-4.

Yep. 7-4.

Wrong. 7-5.

This is true. 8-5. (note: the VERY FIRST Patriots Cave article was about this same story)

No. 8-6.

No, it never happened. 8-7.

Not. 8-8.

The Patriots Cave is calling it at 50%. Of course there are hundreds of these "sensational" headlines on Sorcha Faal's website, Joel the K can't check them all right now. Look for The Patriots Cave to check back in on old Sorcha Faal from time to time in order to see if their prediction ratio is getting better or worse. I will say that they get enough of them right to keep people wondering. That's for sure. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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