Friday, November 19, 2010

Crash JP Morgan: BUY SILVER

Max Keiser's "Crash JP Morgan:BUY SILVER" Campaign is going Mega-Viral
CRASH JP MORGAN: BUY SILVER. This is the viral Googlebomb sweeping the globe right now. Millions of people are joining this pro-active, peaceful rebellion against the big silver manipulators. How does it work? The big banker boys manipulate silver prices by selling silver they do not possess. But if tens of millions of people start buying REAL physical silver coins, like silver eagles, it will cause the big banker boys to have to cover their positions, which they won't be able to do. What will happen to the manipulators? I don't exactly know, but I am all for true market forces setting the price of silver instead of some round table group of dusty old popcorn-farts sitting on the board of directors at JP Morgan. Let supply and demand determine prices, not artificial manipulation!
   If you want to stand up and do something for your children's future, click my "Invest In Silver" APMEX banner and buy a few silver eagles. Do you realize what is happening? Max Keiser has started an actual pro-active resistance movement in America. A real, true blue peaceful resistance. Gandhi would love this! This movement is sweeping the globe and will soon propel silver to heights unthought of. Silver is money. Get it? You have a chance right now. But you won't have too many more chances, to convert that paper money into REAL money: Silver. FACT: There is more gold in circulation than there is silver. Oh really? Than why isn't the spot price of silver higher than gold's spot price? ANSWER: Because the big banker boys have been holding it down through artificial price manipulation! And the jig is up, there are now 3 lawsuits against JP Morgan charging them with illegal price-fixing in the silver market.
    If every American purchased even one silver dollar, it would bring the manipulators to their knees. But since so many Americans are still slumbering, it is up to those who are awake to buy more than one silver coin. And not just Americans either, people all over the world can participate. Just buy silver, and make sure you are buying physical silver where you take delivery and get the silver delivered to your door. You will pay around $30 for a silver eagle. And then just watch and see the true value of your real money multiply as this movement takes effect.
   I want to make this announcement: My radio program, The Silver News, will be moving to the 10:00 AM slot on Sunday mornings. So starting this Sunday, my show will air live at 10:00 AM Eastern instead of 9:00 AM as it was before. This week I will be talking about Max Keiser's "CRASH JP MORGAN: BUY SILVER" movement, as well as taking live calls, analyzing a hot junior silver mine penny stock play, and more, so don't miss it. And as always, if you miss the live transmission you can catch the replay any time on my Blogtalk radio widget, located in the top right corner of this website, The Patriots Cave. For The Patriots Cave and The Silver News, this is Joel the K over and out.


Joel the K said...

Joel the K is commenting on his own post. Buy Silver --- Buy Silver --- Buy Silver --- Buy Silver

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