Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Will Be Giving Away Silver Coins

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I transmitted episode #2 of The Patriots Cave Silver News on Sunday. As promised, I talked about how you can learn to trade penny stocks for a living. I will go into it in more detail this Sunday. Also coming up this Sunday in episode #3, I will be asking a few American history and world history stumpers. The Patriots Cave will be offering up three prizes to the first three people to correctly answer a stumper. You may call in to the show live, on the air, or e-mail your answer to joelweldon@rocketmail.com. I will announce the call-in number live on the air this Sunday morning at 9:00 am Ohio time-zone. The first prize will be a silver half-dollar. Second prize will be a silver quarter. Third prize will be a silver dime. The correct answers must be received no later than 1 hour after my show ends for those who choose to answer by e-mail.
    This coming show I will discuss the lawsuit in effect against the banker boys for manipulating silver spot prices. This is a HUGE development in the silver world. Why? Because the price of silver has been held down for a very long time, and it is getting ready to be set free from this artificial suppression. Silver should be anywhere from 1/16 to 1/20 the price of gold. Which means that right now silver should be from $65/oz. - around $85/oz. roughly. And now with so much attention focused on the evidence in this manipulation lawsuit, for the first time in a long time, silver is about to be set free to obey the law of supply and demand and other true market forces, instead of artificial manipulation. This is one BIG reason that the silver spot price will be busting out past the $65/oz. mark VERY soon. Any silver eagles you purchase right now will no doubt pay for themselves in no time as the silver bull is set free at last!
     Silver American Eagles
Oh before I forget, if you have not heard episode #2 of The Patriots Cave Silver News check it out now on my Blogtalk widget. I share a smokin hot penny stock pick with you. It's a junior silver mine trading at 75 cents, and poised for a space-shuttle like takeoff. In a few weeks, this gold/silver mine will release their latest drilling results data. This report may send this junior mine into the big leagues, especially if the rumors flying around about a potential Goldcorp buyout come to pass. If you heard my latest show, you know all about it, and how this 75 cent penny stock could fetch over $50.00 a share. One expert is even predicting over $90/share! I tell all about it in episode #2 of The Patriots Cave Silver News, now playing on the Blogtalk replay widget at the top of this page.
Invest In Silver American Eagles Now

Attention! Joel the K is now on Facebook and Twitter. Just look for the name "Joel the K" or type in The Patriots Cave Silver News on your Twitter or on your Facebook. Send me a Twitter or a Facebook message. I am still figuring out how it works, but so far I like it. Keep buying silver brethren and sistren, you will multiply and preserve your hard-earned money instead of watching vanish in a sea of inflation like the masses of out of the loop clones will have to witness. Even they will get it eventually, but silver will be up over $250/oz. by that time I believe. Help spread the silver message, help save the middle class. For The Patriots Cave and The Patriots Cave Silver News this is Joel the K, over and out.

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