Monday, November 8, 2010

Rise of The Antichrist is HERE

My J-K Profit System is kicking ass
LFBG is "Left Behind Games", they make and sell Christian video games for younglings. I like this penny stock, I like this company, I think it is a great idea. I bought 2500 shares of LFBG at one cent per share this morning. When I examine their chart, it looks solid. The price per share is sitting at it's base right now. This suggests to me that this penny stock is poised for an upward run. This company is the only one to my knowledge who makes and sells Christian video games nationwide. This past Friday, LFBG's latest game "Left Behind III - Rise of the Antichrist" arrived at Walmart stores across the USA. With Christmas right around the corner, Joel the K feels this penny stock is a fantastic short-term play with which to initiate another execution of my system. What is my system?
     I'll make it simple. Here is my J-K Profit System in action, step by step, starting from this morning:
Step 1- I bought 2500 shares of LFBG at .01/share.
Step 2- I set a target price at which I will sell my LFBG shares, such as 5 cents/share.
Step 3- I sell my 2500 shares if/when the price hits .05/share for a total of $125, minus the five dollar commission I pay to my online broker (Choicetrade).
Step 4- I take my $120 profits and go to where I click the "Invest In Silver" APMEX banner. This transfers me to The American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), a 100% secure, BBB approved business, with over 2,000 coins, bars, rounds, bullion in silver, gold, platinum and more. I purchase 4 silver eagle coins from APMEX, knowing I will have these heavy, shiny treasures in my hand within a few days. I have now converted my paper money penny-stock profits into pure .999% silver, which will gain in value as the U.S. Dollar fades in value.
But how long will I hold my silver eagles? When do I sell them? Ah, this is a great question. Each of us must decide at what point we will begin to sell our silver. When that day comes for me, when silver is well beyond $100/ounce, SPEED is of the essence.
    I will then convert my silver into rock solid acquisitions such as 5 acre rural plots of land, brand new 4x4 trucks, ATVs, livestock such as cattle and goats, solar panel systems, wind-power systems. This is the final step, converting the wealth into acquisitions with inherent value. I will be discussing this more in the coming days.
    My new radio show, The Silver News, is really starting to take off. If you have not heard my show yet, go ahead and check it down, just click the Blogtalk widget at the top of The Patriots Cave main page. This past Sunday was our 3rd episode, when I gave away free silver coins as prizes for answering my stumper question on American history. The answer to yesterdays stumper is September 5th, 1774.
   I must wrap up this post now, but keep alert for updates, bulletins, announcements and maybe a stumper too, on my Twitter page and Facebook page. If you have not subscribed to these yet, please do, here is my Facebook link:
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