Saturday, November 27, 2010

Secret Sunday Session

Purchasing power of your savings may vanish unless you protect it with silver
       I am inviting YOU to my relatively new radio program called "The Silver News", which transmits through the atmosphere Sunday mornings at 10:00 am eastern timezone on Blogtalkradio. Click this link please:
       Tomorrow's live show will be my sixth broadcast, episode #6 of The Patriots Cave Silver News with Joel the K. My show is gaining momentum. I'm getting hundreds of listeners with more people tuning in each week. Last week I produced a Youtube video for The Silver News. My video was a response to Max Keiser's "Crash JP Morgan:Buy Silver" campaign. I am excited to report that in less than 7 days, my youtube video has 1,324 views! Fantastic! Thank you for watching my video and listening to what I have to say. If you have not watched it yet, I invite you to click this link and watch it now, it is very short and will not take long to view:
       The Silver News #6 will transmit tomorrow morning at 10:00 am eastern. It's going to be my most crucial and important transmission to date. I ask that you give my show a chance. Tune in, and if you are not impressed, informed, intrigued, and inspired within the first 15 minutes of my show, then switch back over to your old routine radio show and no harm done. But Joel the K is confident that you won't touch that dial. My show tomorrow will grab you by the collar and not let go until dinner. My show tomorrow will be unlike anything you have ever heard. My show tomorrow will benefit all who listen. So, will you accept my invitation? If you cannot listen to my live transmission, just come to and click my Blogtalkradio widget for the replay. All of my episodes can be heard via this awesome little widget in the upper right corner of The Patriots Cave. 
       What types of people can benefit by listening to my show The Silver News? Retired people are my #1 listener group. Why? Because they are wise and seasoned. They are able to discern the fact that I am an honest family man, who truly works for the betterment of himself, his family, his neighborhood, his town, his county, his beloved Ohio, his beloved America, and last but not least, his God-given planet. But on a more practical level, retirees tune in because they must preserve their wealth. They must use their nest-egg to multiply and breed MORE wealth, and nothing is better than silver for breeding more wealth out of preexisting wealth. 
       What other types of people may benefit from The Silver News? Moms love my show. What is more beautiful than the quiet reserve of a learned Mom? Was there ever a more powerful force in all of God's kingdom? Subtle yet forceful, on an original level akin to the elements. Yes, Moms love The Silver News. Why not tell your Mom about my show? Send her the link via e-mail. Why not share The Silver News with retired folks well known by you? You haven't reached out to them for awhile maybe? Here is a solid reason to do so. Thank you. 
       I am off to work now at my weekend employment position. Weekend jobs and night jobs are excellent ways to generate revenue with which to buy more silver. I buy now at around $30/oz., I shall sell later for ten times that amount and more by my calculations. I have important information to share with you, but it must wait until I am on the air Sunday morning. For The Patriots Cave and The Patriots Cave Silver News, this is Joel the K, over and out.

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