Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silver Is Running Out: Prices Set To Overtake Gold

Simple Math Dictates Silver's Eventual Push Past Gold
Silver is worth more than gold. It is merely a matter of time until this inherent fact becomes a monetary reality. Silver will eventually pass gold in price per ounce. This is a mathematical certainty. Did you know that 90% of all the silver ever mined has been consumed? 90% of all silver ever mined is gone. This extraordinary statistic is nothing compared to silver consumption in the coming years. The USGS estimates that there are as few as 14 years worth of silver remaining in the ground. Do you realize the implications of that?
   The world requires roughly 900 million ounces of silver per year. Yet all of the mines in the world on average only produce 500 million ounces! This means 400 million ounces must come from above-ground supplies. We know that demand for silver is increasing, in both individual and industrial sectors. What is more, the rate at which silver demand is increasing is in itself increasing. And with as few as 14 years worth of silver left in the earth, it becomes crystal clear to logic and reason that the law of supply and demand will soon drive the price of silver HIGHER THAN GOLD!
   Gold is not being used up by industrial applications like silver is. Gold is not being used to make anti-bacterial band-aids. Gold is not being used to make silver-oxide rechargeable batteries used in laptops and mobile phones. Gold is not being used to make ball bearings for commercial jet airplanes. Gold is not being used as a catalyst for making ethylene-oxide and formaldehyde, which are used in the global plastics industry to the tune of 700 tons per year. Gold is not the metal of choice used to coat DVDs, CDs and Plasma Display Panels. Gold is not being used to manufacture state of the art water-purification systems for drinking water, swimming pools, spas, shower-heads (to prevent Legionnaires ’ disease) and emergency devices. Gold is not being used up in the manufacture of 90% of all crystalline silicon photovoltaic (solar) cells. For the sake of brevity I shall leave out around 3,600 more uses for silver, but you get the idea. Silver is being used up, gold is not. The silver mines will be empty in as soon as 14 years, the gold mines will not. Silver must increase, gold must decrease.
   The middle class may utilize silver coins, bars, and bullion as true money, highly resistant to inflation and dollar devaluation, whereas gold prices are prohibitive to the commoner. Joel the K of The Silver News, sees silver as the absolutely perfect investment. Gold is a fantastic investment too. The Patriots Cave expects gold to soar as high as $10,000/oz., which translates to an approximate profit of 800% at today’s prices. But as has already been said, silver is the working-man’s gold, and possesses scientific properties which guarantee it’s superstar status to continue to increase to the point of eventually toppling gold and platinum as the most precious metal of all.
   When you consider the above stated facts, it is hard to imagine why each and every person old enough to make their own decisions isn’t buying at least one ounce of silver per week. Not to do so borders on insanity in my opinion. For The Patriots Cave and The Silver News, this is Joel the K, over and out.
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