Wednesday, December 15, 2010


   Joel the K has solved the mystery of the 11:11 enigma. Are you one of the millions of people who are noticing your clock just when it strikes 11:11? It happened to me today. If you google 11:11, you will see thousands of theories regarding this numerology. I have solved it. The secret has been revealed to me. I will share this revelation with you.
   The answer to this nomenclature is tied in with many other numerological phenomena. The web is riddled with numbers and number sequences which theorists are ever attaching hidden or personal significance to. All of these numbers and their significance are tied together in a profound yet very simple way. The answer may suprise you. In fact, the answer may even anger you. The wisest man I ever knew used to tell me "people cling to their illusions", and he was right. My point is, most numerological theorists will deny the truth I am about to reveal. Why? Because they have become identified with their own theories.
   So, what is the answer to the 11:11 mystery? What will occur on November 11, 2011? Joel the K knows. The answer: Nothing. Nothing that could not happen on any other day. So what is the significance of 11:11? Why are so many people noticing it on their clocks?
   The reason people are noticing 11:11 on their clocks is because it is the only time which consists of 4 digits of all the same number. 22:22 does not exist on non-military clocks. 33:33 does not exist either. 44:44, 55:55, 66:66, 77:77, 88:88 and 99:99 do not occur on clocks either. So if you look at your watch 10 times per day, you will not remember all of the times that it WAS NOT 11:11, but you will remember the one time that 11:11 shows up. You might find yourself saying: "...whoa! that's weird!"
No. It's really not that weird at all.
   As for all of the other numbers people attach significance to, the reason for this is simple; there are only 10 numbers okay? Every number is made up of a combination of 10 numbers or less. Therefore those 10 numbers are going to show up EVERYWHERE you look, IF you are looking for them.
   If you are a number conspiracy person, think about what I have said, and be honest with yourself. It is pure, simple logic. Mystery solved.


Anonymous said...

You misspelled "there". 33:33 - 99:99 are not on military clocks either.

Joel the K said...

Yeah I'm well aware that 33:33-99:99 are not on military clocks seeing how I was in the military. Do you have an actual take on the subject matter? Or are you just the helpful anonymous proofreader? FIY: when you are writing informal blogs rapidly, mistakes are common. Don't be a twit.