Thursday, December 23, 2010

2012 Action Plan

    2012 is drawing near brethren and sistren. Back in the 1990s, talk of 2012 was interesting. Then after Y2K, it got a bit more interesting, but still seemed far off. When the decade expired at the end of 2009, suddenly this 2012 thing seemed a little more in your face. And now, as 2010 draws to a close and 2011 comes into view, 2012 seems like a distant train which is just close enough to faintly hear. I don't know how you feel about 2012, but one thing is for certain: we have one more lap to go around the great ball of fire. Then it will be 2012 at last. It's coming. Will you be ready?
   The K family is making preparations for 2012. I hope you are too. Before I share details regarding my 2012 preparations, it is meet to discuss what is expected to occur on that fateful date, 12-21-2012.
   The Patriots Cave does not conduct very many opinion polls, but I am inviting you to participate in this one. If you would look over to the right of this post, you will see a 2012 opinion poll. Please take a minute to share your answers with everybody. Thank you. Now I shall share with you what I expect will happen in 2012. Keep in mind that it's not totally what I believe will happen, but what I believe could happen. If it does happen, I will be ready for it. If it does not happen, I will be happy.
   I have seen the Hollywood film "2012". It depicts total doomsday complete with collapsing cities and massive meteor strikes. Joel the K does not foresee that particular scenario unfolding. Nor do I agree with the Planet X theory. It is possible, but so are many things that will probably never happen. So what is going to happen? Or should I say "what scenario is probable enough to cause me to take preparatory measures against it?"
   The answer to that question is called "SOLAR MAX".
Solar Max is no "theory". It is a real event which happens on a cyclical basis. Our planet was bombarded by a solar max back in the 1800s. Back then we had horses and buggies, candles and oil lamps. There were no satellites, computers or electrical power-grids at that time, so the solar max did not cause mass damage, death and disaster. If the solar max coming in 2012 is as strong or stronger than the one that hit in the 1800s it would be the worst disaster in the history of the world. There would be no power to operate our complex networks of logistics, infrastructure, transportation, sanitation, supply, banking, communication and so on. To say that it would be chaos would be the greatest understatement. It would be WORSE than the films like "The Road", "Road Warrior", "Red Dawn", "Escape From New York", "The Stand" and more.
   The Patriots Cave has written extensively on how it would be if a solar max EMP slams the USA. I have heard it said that the USA would be thrown back into the 1700s overnight. No. It would be much, much worse than how it was in 1700. Why? Because people in the 1700s were SMART. They had tools. They had knowledge and know-how. They could grow food, spin cloth, render lard, skin a deer, set traps, set a broken bone, pull a tooth, birth a baby, rope a horse, milk a goat, build a cabin, and do all of the other things it takes to survive. So to say that the USA would be thrust back into the 1700s is wrong. It would be more accurate to say that the USA would be thrust into HELL.
   Imagine hundreds of millions of spoiled, ignorant, soft, impatient, unskilled brats, thrust into a world without electricity, running water, flushing toilets, cell phones, grocery stores, microwave ovens, hospitals, dentists, McDonalds, Wal-Mark, central air, central heat, automobiles, gasoline, paychecks, banks, diapers, baby formula, pharmacies, cigarettes, insulin, beer, wine, whiskey, and a million other things most folks take for granted. I'm telling YOU, right now, this solar max thing is real, and it might actually happen. Hopefully it won't. But you might ask yourself why governments all over the world are building underground villages stocked with years and years worth of food, medicine, water, and all manner of supplies. Do you think those underground cities are for you? Think again. Only the chosen ones would be permitted entrance into the subterranean shelters.
   YOU have to look out for your own Mom. YOU must provide for your own family Dad. Nobody will be there to save you and yours. You don't agree? During Katrina, there were 49 states running at normal capacity, yet it still took days, weeks and months for help to arrive if it arrived at all. Now imagine all 50 states with no power, all at the same time. Where would help come from? Remember, the phones are down, cell phones don't work, communication is how far you can yell. If this thing unfolds, as many respected scientists are predicting, there will be no help.
   Okay, so what am I doing to prepare for 2012? Nothing fancy, just the basics. It's really just basic emergency preparedness. If you prepare yourself and your family, you will be prepared for any event. No matter if it is a hurricane, tornado, flood, pandemic, blackout, blizzard, bank-run, food shortages, EMP, meteor strike, volcano, tsunami and whatever else could happen. So preparing for 2012 is just preparing in general. Does it not make sense to prepare your family for emergencies?
   Here is a starter plan for any family who feels the need to get busy with 2012 preparations:
Food: canned foods, dry beans, rice, tuna, spam, spices, gravy powder, grits, etc...
Water: a water purification unit capable of catching contaminants down to .2 microns.
Warmth: Winter clothing, boots, hats, gloves. Fire starter kits. Sleeping bags. Tents. Coleman camp stove w/extra propane.
Hygiene: Feminine products, solar shower, 5 gal. bucket toilet, TP, soap, personal basics.
Medicine: Prescriptions, vitamins, first-aid kit, snake-bite kit, emergency medical kit and books.
Gear: Hunting equipment, fishing equipment, traps, basic tools.
Communications: 2 way radios (in faraday box), SW radio (in Faraday box).
Energy: Solar panel array, deep cycle battery.
   This list is very basic, but it will get the newcomer going in the right direction. Each family has special needs and your plan should be tailored accordingly. The main thing is that you get going on you family's preps now. You have about 53 weeks to get your $hit together before 2012 arrives. If you spend $25 per week, you can have $1325.00 worth of preps ready to go by this time next year. If you buy stuff at thrift-stores, second-hand stores, garage sales, yard sales, bulk-food stores and the like, you will be surprised how much food, gear and goods you can stock up on. I pray every man and woman who reads this article will be touched in their spirit to prepare their family for any emergence of tribulation and hardship. You will sleep better brethren and sistren. Especially a year from now when we are a week away from 2012.


Joel the K said...

Please leave a comment and participate in the 2012 opinion poll over to the right side of this website. Thanks.
--- J the K

cem said...

Mayan calendar predicted the end of materialism, not the end of the world. Please wake up, if you think that this is about some armageddon. Research the Vedas please. The world will not end for another 427.000 years at least, we have just completed 5,000 years of a 432,000 year cycle, called Kaliyuga. These scriptures even predicted the coming of Buddha from 4000 years ago, Bhagavad Gita is the book that will solve your problems. It was Einstein, Gandhi, Emerson, and Thoreau’s favorite books also..

Joel the K said...

I'm not talking about the Mayan calander. I didn't even mention it. That is your thing. I'm talking about NASA scientists and 11 year sun cycles. Thank you for your visit. You wake up.

Sue said...

Seems to me it's a survival of the fittest. We have always been self sufficient - I have a cell phone but use it ONLY for necessity. No computer at home only at work. Firewood seasoned and stacked, guns, fishing poles, clamming guns and nets, goats, chickens, cattle and the know how to use it all. We'll be ready for any kind of emergency and will also be able to DEFEND ourselves from those without. Hope it doesn't come to that but a Techno crash is not unthinkable.

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