Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Some

Good reasons for buying silver are nearly endless

Max Keiser has unleashed legions of silver buyers with his "Crash JP Morgan: Buy Silver" campaign. The globalist bankers are parasitic entities. It stops now. Hundreds of thousands of true capitalists are buying physical silver. We are demanding delivery. We do not play with ETFs and virtual futures contracts. We want our silver money in hand, in pocket. The time of phony scams is over. We're going back to fundamentals. We're going back to solid wealth. No more suckers-play for the middle class. Let the bankers keep their rip-off play money. We're buying physical silver.
     The soft-batch banker boys will raise margin requirements to create artificial dips but these tactics are worn out. The eyes of the people are watching now. No more cheating. Lawsuits against the manipulators are now in progress. It's time to trade fair in the silver market. 
    The massive silver machine is rolling ever onward, taking on inertia exponentially, grinding on. The physical silver legions are fast becoming an unstoppable juggernaut, fueled and powered by the law of supply and demand. I said “LAW” of supply and demand, not "phenomena" of supply and demand. Not "guideline" of supply and demand, but LAW.
    We will buy physical silver. We shall cancel our cable television and use the money to buy silver. We shall skip eating out and buy more silver. We shall drink water in the stead of beer, that we might purchase more physical silver. We will buy silver American eagles, silver bars, silver rounds, walking liberty halves and mercury dimes. We will never stop buying silver until the forces of dishonest manipulation have been forced to cover their naked short selling. We shall demand physical delivery until the manipulators have paid the last farthing. We shall continue spreading the message of this economic revolution, until silver reflects true free-market influences only. We will have $500/oz. silver whether the banker boys like it or not. This is capitalism, not manipulatism. I am Joel the K and my show is The Patriots Cave Silver News on Blogtalkradio Sunday’s at 10:00 AM eastern. Catch the replays at on my Blogtalkradio widget.


Joel the K said...

Got physical?

Mayberry said...

For the life of me, I don't know why anyone would buy "paper" silver or gold. Especially in today's financial environment...

Blogger said...

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