Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hyperstagflation is Brewing

America is now in The Greater Depression. If you are not buying silver, you may lose it all.
        I want to apologize to Steve Quayle and Hawk. I gave them some flak in November regarding Mr. Quayle's warning of a potential bank holiday. It was wrong of me to do that. Steve Quayle is a good man, as is Hawk. Steve Quayle gathers information from various sources, then makes forecasts and/or issues warnings to the people based on said information. I looked deeply into this matter, and saw their motive. I saw that these men are truly concerned for the safety, wellness, and wholeness of their fellow Americans. Their motives are sincere, and that speaks volumes.  Again, I apologize for my hasty statements regarding Mr. Quayle and Hawk.
       I also apologize for my absence Sunday from The Patriots Cave Silver News. I was unable to broadcast the transmission Sunday morning at 10:00 AM Eastern. I will be recording a 1/2 hour make-up episode in the next 24 hours. Look for it on my Blogtalkradio widget, it will be "The Silver News #7". And of course I will be broadcasting The Silver News live, this Sunday at it's regularly scheduled  time. Silver smashed through the $30.00/oz. barrier Monday as the Physical Silver Legions continue to crash JP Morgan by buying copious amounts of physical silver. Incidently, JP Morgan's stock price per share is down.
       Now for a hyper-link NEWZBLAST ala The Patriots Cave:
No end said in sight to US economic crisis as 'scariest jobs chart ever' released

Look at that job-losses chart. More concrete proof that America is lacking any kind of middle class foundation upon which to build or launch economic recovery.
California Declares Fiscal Emergency

       California is a microcosm of America as a whole. How long will paper dollars void of gold/silver backing be able to stay afloat?

       If the Euro collapses, other fiat currencies such as the USD, will follow. Silver will shine brighter than a supernova.

       More omens for the doomed fiat Euro.

Crude Oil Price Warned Will Reach $120 A Barrel Before End Of 2012

       With increasing unemployment, decreasing revenues, and  increasing inflation, each factor escalates the others in a wicked downward spiral vortex of hyperstagflation. In the midst of all that, throw $5.00/gallon gasoline into the mix. The increased costs of of shipping and trucking of retail product will force hyperstagflation even higher. A heavy silver supply will cut the head off of hyperstagflation demons.    

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