Friday, December 10, 2010

Nobel Prize Enrages Communist China

 Liu Xiaobo has won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Patriots Cave salutes this man among men. Joel the K wishes to express gratitude towards the Nobel Prize committee, for not cow-towing to China. Liu Xiaobo is in a prison cell right now for speaking out. That was his "crime". If you speak up in communist Red China, you get thrown in prison. If you try to leave China, you get shot like a group of peaceful nuns and monks got shot walking over the mountains in an attempt to escape China's brutal grasp. A group of international mountain climbers watched in horror and unbelief as Chinese soldiers opened fire on unarmed nuns and monks who had their backs to the shooters. China denied the incident, and claimed that their soldiers acted in self defense. But the mountain climbers had movie cameras with them, and filmed the entire incident. See for yourself:
Most people are begining to realize that communist China is rapidly overtaking the United States as the world's "alpha male". China is becoming immensely powerful. China is fast becoming the world's strongest and most powerful nation. Nearly everyone senses this. What most people do not realize however is that China is a model, or experiment so to speak. There are a few small but very powerful roundtable groups working with organizations like the U.N. who view communist China as some kind of promised land utopia for the "Brave New World". Their idea of perfection is scientific dictatorship. Please watch this short clip to better understand the situation:

China, along with India, is one of the most ancient and mysterious cultures on this planet. The chinese have led the world for thousands of years in technology, the arts, science and many other advancments. China's beauty is sublime. It's people are prosperous, motivated and peace loving. But something terrible is happening in China and in the other great nations of our world. A greedy, sadistic and evil group is transforming once beautiful China into a laboratory of tyranny and death. Into a place where freedom of speech is murdered. China is being transformed into a place where people are killed for their organs, and the organs sold on the international market to the wealthy financial elite.
     These so-called elite believe in Social Darwinism, or Eugenics. So did Adolf Hitler. Eugenics was Hitler's religion. People do not want to believe that other human beings could espouse such horrifyingly cold and brutal doctrines such as Eugenics and population "control", but it is true. It is happening now. It is spreading to all countries. 
       Men like Liu Xiaobo stand up for what they know is right. Liu Xiaobo knew he would be imprisoned if he spoke out. But he spoke out anyway. He gave everything he had for the sake of doing what is right. Cowardly people turn their back to the Truth, because they are afraid. They are afraid those in power may come for them. But if people don't stand up and boldly oppose evil, their children will live in a global scientific dictatorship just like communist China.
      Nobody is asking you to stand in front of a tank or anything. But people like you and I need to use the web, the Twitter, the Facebook, the blogs, the e-mails and the cell-phones and blackberrys to communicate the Truth. Communicate the Truth. Spread the Truth. That's all. Each one of us knows what is right and what is wrong. If we don't start following that still small voice in our souls, our children and their children will be existing in a cold, sterile, scientific dictatorship.
    Joel the K and The Patriots Cave salute Liu Xiaobo. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. He should be awarded a prize for courage also. I award Liu Xiaobo The Patriots Cave prize for courage.
   Today, let us spread the words: "RELEASE LIU XIAOBO". Put pressure on communist China. Communicate the Truth. DO something.

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