Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preparedness For Pennies (The Poor Man's Preps)

   The Patriots Cave is reaching family men and women who are just now realizing the need to prepare. They see the need to prepare their family for natural disasters, economic collapse, electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), coronal mass ejections (CMEs), civil unrest and similar scenarios. Unfortunately, America, the U.K. and many other nations are rapidly descending into The Greater Depression. This makes it a bad time for newbies to purchase the required preps. They simply don't have enough money. The following post will address solutions to this problem. The following post will answer the question: "How can I prepare my family for tribulation without spending a ton of money?"
   First off, if you don't have $25 per week to invest in the future of your family, then you had better cancel the internet which this blog is reaching your computer screen through, and use that money for preps. Cancel your cable t.v. while you are at it. Stop eating out. Start clipping coupons. These budget cuts will free up at least $25 per week. 
   What can you get with $25/week? I'm going to show you a sample list which I put together in less than 1/2 hour. Everything on the list can be purchased for $100/month or less, which of course is the same as $25/week. The total cost of the items on this list is under $1200. Here is the list: 
1. 2 homemade Big Berkey water purification units. (this covers H2O needs)
2. 100 lbs. of fortified powdered milk. (makes 148 gallons)
3. 100 lbs. of sugar (4 25lb. bags)
4. 100 cans of tuna
5. 100 cans of chicken
6. 100 cans of corn
7. 250 lbs. of hard wheat (10 bags of 25 lbs. each)
8. 100 lbs. of rice (10 bags of 10 lbs. each)
9. 50 lbs. of dry beans (25 bags of 2 lbs. each)
10. 50 cans of mixed fruit
11. 50 cans of mixed vegetables
12. 100 cans of soup
   There it is brethren and sistren. For $25/week, a kick ass Mom could make ready her family against the threat of imminent danger. For $25/week, a solid Dad could make ready his family against the possibility of empty store shelves and food riots. Think about it. 
   I am not saying you should use this list as your own specific shopping list. It simply serves as a dramatic example of how "every little bit adds up". Each family is unique, therefore each family should tailor their preps list to suit their unique needs. The point is, it won't happen unless you make it happen, NOW. We have 52 weeks left baby, then 2012 is upon us. The time for indecision and hesitation is over. This may be your last chance to prepare your family. Of course there is no guarantee that something catostrophic won't happen in 2011. Nobody knows. Earth could get slammed by a CME two days from now. The economy could utterly collapse this coming week for all we know. But I have a gut feeling we still have 52 weeks to pull together an emergency plan and the food+materials needed for survival and thrival. You could choose to do nothing and hope that the world recovers from economic Depression. You could do nothing and pray that our planet will luck out and not get slammed by any cataclysmic events. But that would not be the smart play brethren and sistren. Tune in Sunday morning at 10:00 AM eastern for my live transmission of The Patriots Cave Radio News. For The Patriots Cave and The Patriots Cave Radio News this is Joel the K, over and out.

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