Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fukushima Facts Paint Much Deadlier Picture

For two weeks now the mainstream press has assured the people that the 800 lb. gorilla over in the corner is not a threat. The people are told to ignore what they see with their eyes, and to instead believe what corporate spin-doctors tell them to believe. “Pay no attention to the meltdown behind the curtain…” has become some new kind of excusable insanity. I’m not buying it. Why? Because instead of listening to the hypnotists on cable news, I am looking at the science of the matter. Consider the following scientific findings from H. Seehars and D. Hochrainer(1) regarding transport of MOX fuel pellets:

Most important of these from an accident perspective are oxidation reactions at relatively low temperatures (from 250-430 o C), which can result in significant particulate formation. It has been demonstrated that exposing sintered MOX fuel pellets to a temperature of 430 o C in air for 60 minutes resulted in release of nearly 70 percent of the fuel in the form of particles with diameters less than 25 microns, of which over 6 percent was observed to be of respirable size (below 10 microns). (1)

We know that Fukushima reactor #3 is a MOX fuel reactor. We know that this reactor has sustained a powerful explosion. We know that reactor #3 contained 90 tons of MOX fuel before the explosion. We know this reactor has been on fire for days into weeks. Although officials have not admitted it yet, the latest thermal imaging has revealed temperatures inside reactor #3 to be between 500-1000 degrees C.

Now use your reasoning ability here. If MOX fuel heated to 430 degrees for 60 minutes was enough to release 70% of the fuel, then consider for a moment what the numbers should look like when MOX fuel is heated to 500-1000 degrees for days into weeks? And don’t forget to add a few massive explosions into your estimate. I’m no nuclear physicist, but don’t insult my intelligence. Do not tell me this incident is not as severe as Chernobyl. We both know the facts on these types of mass kill-offs never fully come out until decades later. And even then the numbers are whitewashed to protect corporations.

For the record, The Patriots Cave is stating right now: “Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl”.

(1) H. Seehars and D. Hochrainer, "Durchfuehrung von Experimenten zur Unterstuetzung der Annahmen zur Freisetzung von Plutonium bei einem Flugzeugabsturz (Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Toxikologie und Aerosolforschung, March 1982), p. 50-54. grants permission to re-post with credit and link-back

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