Friday, March 25, 2011

Radiation Detectors + Charger = $129.95 shipping incld.


Folks here is your small window of a chance to get a radiation detector for each member of your family. These Civil Defense Dosimeters are simple to use and easy to read. Now you can be sure.

If you are at all like me, you are not so willing to trust what you are being told about the radiation situation emitting from Fukushima.

If you are at all like me, you want to see it for yourself.

Dosimeters are being bought up at a frantic pace right now. The mainstream, un-informed masses, are unaware of the truth regarding Fukushima. If 1 or 2% of the masses become alarmed, you will not be able to find dosimeters anywhere at any price. I urge you to secure your family pack of radiation dosimeters right now. You will get everything needed to monitor radiation exposure for 6 people. This includes 6 Civil Defense dosimeter pens, plus the main charging unit, plus instructions. Batteries are not included. (Buy a pack of "D" batteries now so you'll have them as soon as your box arrives).

The dosimeter "pens" do not take batteries. They are charged on the main charging device.

Charging each pen takes only a few moments.

So forget those $300 keychains which don't give you detailed readings anyway. The dosimeters are NOT disposable. You may use them and the charger again and again for decades to come.

Please, do not think that Fukushima is the only nuclear power plant out there. There are nuclear power plants scattered all across the United States and the world.

I truly feel we are about to witness seismic activity on a previously unseen scale. Experts agree. You know as well as I do that all eyes are watching the New Madrid Fault Zone right now. There are nuclear power plants operating on top of that fault zone right now. I pray it never happens. But it could.

Don't put it off, the opportunity will not last long.
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(If you live outside of the USA, do not pay yet. E-mail me first at . I'm sorry I cannot offer free shipping over-seas)
If you live in Japan, e-mail me and I will take up donations from local friends, relatives and churches and see if we can pay some or all of your cost. I can't guarantee an amount, but I guarantee I will try very hard to eliminate 100% of the cost (for the set and the shipping) IF you live in Japan. People want to help. We feel so bad for our Japanese brothers and sisters. Our prayers and our hearts are with you.    

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