Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainwater Radiation 3300% Over Limit, Alert For Midwest April 1st

Alas brethren and sistren, my eyes long to see the sun shining warm as these days wax grim. The Patriots Cave has recieved word of a report coming out of Pennsylvania, stating rainwater radiation levels have reached 3300% above acceptable government set limits. 3300% !? God help us.
People do you understand what is happening? DO you realize Fukushima has melted through the bottom of it's containment? That news article can be found below at The Patriots Cave's "Headline News". The report is out of the London Guardian.
How is it that people are just plodding along as usual like nothing is happening? Why aren't we pouring mega-tons of boric acid, concrete, and sand on those reactors? This thing is about to get way worse, and already we see rainwater radiation in the heartland USA at 3300% above normal! Good gawd people! Are you alive out there?! Is anyone out there freaking the fruck out besides ME?! Comments? Anyone?
Then I see this forecast. If things werent looking grim enough already. My family lives in the Midwest. I am afraid for the safety of the young. They don't deserve this train-wreck of a situation they are being dealt. What stewards of our planet mankind have proven themselves to be. Pathetic. And don't tell me it ain't our fault. Don't go blaming it all on "they" or "them". We ALL fucked this world up. Not the children mind you, I'm talking about adults here. We allowed this to happen. Our apathy, our self-centeredness, our vanity, our lust. We are responsible. I am responsible. You are responsible. And now our global karmic charge has become radioactive.
How right Michael Tsarion was. Oh my God he was so right.
In Tsarions talk about 2012 and the future of mankind, he spoke of Shiva the Destroyer, symbolized by the planet Pluto. He spoke of how Pluto would soon be knockin at our collective door, and ready to lay waste on so many levels, within and without. So now here he is brethren and sistren, Pluto, Shiva, Plutonium. Laying waste.
At this point I must focus on protecting my younglings and helping as many people as I can.
Will you pray together brethren and sistren? I will pray alot, because I pray more when I'm scared. I urge you to pray too, for the sake of the young and innocent, and for the sake of God's innocent animals, birds, fish and all manner of creatures who are suffering and will suffer from this Wormwood, this abomination of desolation.
Prayer: Lord God, have mercy Lord upon the innocent. Help us learn from our mistakes Lord God, that we be a help to all that is in some significant way. Help us see Truth God. Help us face fear and death with strength and honor and compassion. Lord God, help those who are working on Fukushima, to make the right choices from this point on. Bless them with the best weather possible Lord, bless them with extra strength, endurance, wisdom and courage. I ask forgiveness for the evil I have done Lord. Forgive me for what I have done which I should not have done. Forgive me for what I did not do which I should have done. I renounce evil. I repent for the evil I have done. I pray for your Grace Lord God. In the name of all that is Love, Truth, Light and Goodness, Amen. 

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