Sunday, March 13, 2011

See USA Radiation Levels, Updated Every Three Minutes

Welcome. The Patriots Cave is concerned about meltdowns at Japan's numerous nuclear power plants. I began immediately researching for real time radiation monitoring programs. I found one. It is a network of Geiger-counters and sensitive radiation meters stretching across the USA from coast to coast. This will enable us to make informed decisions regarding protective and/or evasive measures regarding possible dangerous levels of radiation.
   I shall supply the link for this network here in this post. I will also keep the Radiation Network link up permanently in The Patriots Cave's Real time Chaos Monitoring Sites, located below along the right-hand side of The Patriots Cave's main page. With this resource we can monitor our planet for earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami's, wildlife diseases, famines, space-weather (EMPs, CMEs, X-Flares etc...) and now radiation as well.
  So don't forget in the weeks and months ahead to come back to The Patriots Cave daily, as it is like a "one stop shop" for monitoring any and all types of catastrophic situations. 
Be advised, The Patriots Cave is currently monitoring the CONUS as a warning for the danger of a possible Mega-Earthquake has been issued for the America's, especially for the New Madrid Fault Zone Region (see recent Patriots Cave posts). This region is home to many nuclear power facilities, so the danger from potential seismic events is obvious and tremendous. The picture above illustrates nuclear reactors in the United States in relation to earthquake fault-zones. 
  Before I share the real time Radiation Network link, I want to commend the great many of you who have purchased my potassium iodate package. I am very pleased that so many families are choosing to do something to protect themselves against a very, very deadly and dangerous threat. I must warn those of you who have not acquired your supply of potassium iodate yet, that demand has never been higher, and that there is a global scramble to scoop up remaining supplies before they are gone. You can still get 100 grams of potassium iodate plus 1,000 empty capsules, shipping included, for $39.95. If you bought this amount in the form of those individual blister packs, it would cost nearly $500. If your not sure, just click the link over to the right, look for the picture of the nuclear reactor. Click the picture and learn more about this crucial prep. 
  Now, here is your link to the nationwide Radiation Network: 
If that link does not get you through (traffic is VERY high), then use this one: 
Stay tuned to The Patriots Cave in the coming days for breaking news and crucial information. For The Patriots Cave this is your brother Joel the K, over and out.

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