Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Most Murderous Coverup Since The Nazi Holocaust Is Happening NOW

Have you noticed that the clones don't even think about what is happening to our planet in regards to the unprecedented, MASSIVE, COPIOUS amounts of radiation being pumped into Earth's atmosphere? The Patriots Cave receives apx. 350-500 visitors per day now, so it may be that you are one of the people who have pushed the reality of Fukushima to the back of your mind. It's easy to do if you follow mainstream media. They are barely touching this story. They prefer you concern yourself with "imminent" budget shutdowns which always "miraculously" get sorted out at the last minute. They prefer you concern yourself with Charlie Sheen and his harem, or who's walking on the red carpet, or some stupid "royal" wedding of aristocrats. They keep people distracted so as not to cause a panic. Hey! Newsflash: It's been one month since the reactors cracked open, and already the milk in North America is as high as 300% above "acceptable" contamination limits set by the U.S. EPA. If the milk is that bad in just a month, what do you suppose it will be like in 6 months? Or 12 months? 18 months? 24 months? And yes folks, the nuclear experts are all saying these reactors will continue to leak for many, many months, and maybe even years. What's even worse is the fact that at least two of the reactors are still very much at risk of exploding from within, releasing levels of radiation so high that scientists are afraid to even speculate on the toll.
  On one hand, the reactors could just keep pumping out radiation like they are now, for another year or two, or three, or more. On the other hand, one or more of the reactors could blow up, spewing unthinkable levels of plutonium, radioactive iodine and/or cesium into the ocean and into our air supply. If you have pushed this thing out of your mind, consider this: It is bad, really bad. We know it is because the milk and water all over the northern hemisphere is contaminated with Fukushima radiation. So, we do know it's bad. It is bad. Call that FACT #1. We now have one fact. We also know it will get worse. Why? Because the experts cannot stop it, and each day that passes means more radiation in our ocean and in our air. So, we know it is going to get worse. Call that FACT #2. So, here is a real honest to God news report for you: Fukushima is contaminating our air supply and our water supply and our soil (food supply) with radiation. It's bad, and it's going to get worse. THIS IS A FACT! Let that sink into your consciousness. Don't put it on the back burner. If you ignore the facts, you will just go on with your usual routine, and DO NOTHING. And I'm telling you right now, this is serious as a heart attack.
     For you who still carry the Holy Fire in your heart, and still possess the will to face reality and FIGHT against all odds to survive, I say to you "God bless and protect you and yours".
We won't quit. We will do the things we can do to fight this problem. For example, the herbal formula known as Essiac, was reported by JFK's personal physician to lessen damage done by radiation, and to eliminate the cause of tumors in the body. I didn't say that, JFK's doctor who worked with Essiac for 10 years, said that. The good doctor said it, not Joel the K. So there, maybe that is one of the weapons we may use in this fight for our lives. Maybe activated charcoal is another. Maybe wheat grass juice is another. Maybe ginseng is another. My point is, we can DO something about it. But if we are being led down red carpets on t.v., and down our well worn habitual paths of mindlessness, we won't be able to do anything, because the thought will not even occur to us.
  Tell people. Don't just think to yourself "poor dumb bastards....they don't even know they're being poisoned...
". If they don't believe you, show them the headlines from The Patriots Cave Headline News. They will not be able to ignore those headlines. Which is why the mainstream press is keeping a lid on it.
  What if it causes panic? So let it. It's time for people to get scared. They should be scared. If all of the masses were informed, it would force the nations to assemble the greatest minds in the world to solve the problem. We assembled a brain-trust dream team back in the 1940s to figure out how to split the atom. That dream-team succeeded. Now it's time to assemble Dream-Team II to figure out how to put the atom back together again so to speak. A team of the best minds, assembled in a think-tank, to solve this problem before it KILLS US ALL.
  Gawd man, I can't believe people are just dilly-dallying around jerkin and jacking like it was 1985 or something. WTH?
  Mark my words dear reader, and mark them well, the time left for gathering supplies and crucial tools needed for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012 is near to it's end. I am compelled to issue this warning , compelled by my own higher nature. I am struggling to fill in the gaps, weak links and soft spots in my own preparations. It costs money. Which is why I sell items I know people NEED, who intend to survive regardless of tribulation. I sell silver through APMEX, American Precious Metals Exchange. You NEED silver. I am selling Civil Defense V-715 Radiation Survey Meters. You NEED one of these so much I cannot over emphasize it.
  With a CD V-715 Radiation Survey Meter you will be able to make decisions for yourself. Informed, educated decisions, instead of half-cocked decisions based on what Fox News told you or something. They are very easy to use and come with easy to understand, simple enough for a 4th grader to use instructions. Look for the CD V-715 Radiation Survey Meter at the top of this website, on the right-hand side-bar. Use the 100% secure paypal button, even if you are not a pay pal subscriber, you can still use the pay pal button. Easy as pie. Get one now, and you will be thankful you did 1000x over. I guarantee a month or two from now, when they are GONE from the market, people will be offering you 10x what you paid for it, and you will tell them "No. I'm sorry, I need this instrument to protect my family." 

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