Saturday, April 2, 2011

Preparing For A Radiated World: What We Need To Be Doing Right Now

      Fukushima is in meltdown. At least one of the reactors have melted through the reinforced concrete floor. Soon, the atomic fuel will eat it's way down to the water-table. At that point there will be an atomic explosion, which will hurl radioactive particles high into the atmosphere. The entire complex will then be abandoned. With no personell to man the water-hoses, all of the remaining reactors will follow one by one. They will meltdown, eat through the containment barriers China Syndrome style, and erupt in a series of atomic explosions. 
   As nuclear fuel eats it's way down through the earth's crust, and explodes, Japan's fragile fault zones will react violently, resulting in unprecedented earthquakes and more tsunamis. This series of events will cause massive shortages in food, fuel, oil, and commodities. The copious amounts of radioactive particles released into the atmosphere may compromise 100% of the agriculture of North America. Such acute and severe shortages have always preceded the great World Wars. In fact it's already happening. It's going to get bad brethren and sistren. Don't just go on with your old work-a-day routine, and do nothing to prepare. The hour-glass has been flipped over. The clock is ticking. Here are some time-sensitive factors to consider:
#1- As radiation levels increase, and more milk is found to be radioactive, powdered milk supplies will get bought up. SOLUTION: Get powdered milk NOW. If you wait too long, even the powdered milk may be contaminated because powdered milk is made from real milk. The powdered milk on the shelves now was made from milk weeks or months ago before Fukushima. Soon however, milk in many locations will be radioactive.
#2- As 2012 nears, increased solar activity will cause powerful earthquakes worldwide. FEMA was recently observed preparing for a massive, catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid fault zone in the USA. There are nuclear reactors in that quake zone. Are you prepared for that contingency? There are also atomic reactors in California's San Andreas fault zone. SOLUTION: Prepare NOW.
#3- Clean water will become liquid gold. Get a water purification system NOW. Make sure it uses activated charcoal as one of the elements. Water is still fairly clean right now. Store up as much as you can. In the future, if all 6 reactors detonate in nuclear explosions, water all over the northern hemisphere will be radioactive. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to stock up on water NOW. Don't think those massive deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B.s) are not stocked up on water. I see "pre 3/11/11" bottled water selling on Ebay for $25 per litre. I'm not saying that so that you will invest and make a million. I say that to impress upon you how scarce clean water may soon become.
#4- Grains, fruit, and vegetables may become contaminated. Greenhouse crops and produce from the Southern Hemisphere may be our best bet. I for one will be looking for South American fruit, and Mexican tomatoes. A few weeks ago I would never have bought a Mexican tomato. I am scrambling to build a small greenhouse on my property in which to grow produce. I shall filter the water through charcoal three or four times before using it to water the garden. I am open to suggestions if you have any ideas in regards to the radioactive rain-water.
#5- Some radiation is going to get through no matter what we do. My family is taking ginseng complex caps, activated charcoal caps, and drinking Esiac to combat the effects of potential radiation. I'm not making medical claims, I'm just sharing what I feel is going to help us survive this monumental boondoggle.
#6- Geiger counters, dosimeters and radiation survey meters will be IMPOSSIBLE to buy at any price. These tools will be so crucial in a radiated world, that you will scarcely believe they were once available with a click of a mouse. There are 8 dosimeter sets remaining brethren and sistren. Each set supplies you with 6 dosimeter pens, and one charging unit which charges all 6 of the pens forever. Right now my wife and I carry one with us everywhere we go. Our kids don't carry them, but if it gets any worse I will insist upon it. If the reactors at Fukushima erupt in a chain reaction, only those people who were smart enough to procure dosimeters when they were available will know when it is safe to go outside and when to stay indoors. I wish what I am saying were not true. Sometimes I can't believe this is happening. But it is. If you wish to secure a set of dosimeters, look for the offer in the upper right corner of this website.
#7- Strength and honor. During these times of tribulation, let us think and act boldly and confidently with strength and honor. Let us do what needs to be done with courage and dignity, even if we face certain death. Let us always remember that our actions and deeds today will echo across the oceans of time forever.
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