Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silver Is Hotter Than Haifa Wehbe

Of course silver isn't really hotter than Miss Wehbe, but it's darn close.
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   Okay, on with this, The Patriots Cave, post: The spot price of silver has crossed over the $45/oz. mark as we knew it would. Silver is really on the move brethren and sistren. I predict one year from now the spot price for silver will have rocketed past $145/oz. and be well on it's way toward $200 per ounce. Less than 1% of the people even own physical silver. Imagine how fast the spot price will climb when large sections of tax-paying Americans begin jumping on the silver bullet train! If you are not "in" on this silver wave then now is the time to get in. You will still be one of the early birds who got in before the masses even began to notice silver's MASSIVE potential for wealth multiplication. It's not difficult, and it's not complicated. All you have to do is scroll your mouse over to one of my APMEX banners and click it. APMEX stands for the American Precious Metals Exchange. Click the banner, find some nice silver rounds, coins, bars, nuggets, bullion or specialty items such as the Chinese silver fan-shaped bars, and APMEX will deliver your precious silver right to your door in two or three days. Be very cautious about small-time silver dealers who cannot deliver the goods in less than 4 to 6 weeks! APMEX is the BEST, most trusted precious metals supplier on this planet brethren and sistren. You will not find a better place from which to secure your choice in wealth-preserving fine, pure, precious metals. When you click my APMEX banner you deal with APMEX, not me. I am an affiliate who receives a nominal commission for each deal brokered through one of the banners located on my website. So come on! Click that APMEX banner! Check it out. 


Joel the K said...

okay so iwas wrong on my prediction. i own it.

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