Friday, April 8, 2011

Silver Rockets Past $40, Joel the K Addresses Critics

One Year Ago Silver Was $17.35/oz., Today Silver Is $40.52/Oz.
   Good day sistren and brethren, welcome to The Patriots Cave. By now you are aware that the spot price of silver has rocketed past the $40/ounce mark and is well on it's way to $41/oz. at 12:38 PM Ohio time. This comes as no suprise to we who understand where the economy is headed. When silver soars past $50 I will not be suprised. When silver rises above $75 I will not be suprised either. In fact it will come as no suprise when the spot price for silver shoots past $100 per ounce. The way I understand it, it must happen. It is like the answer to an equation which must be above a certain level due to the first half of the equation which has already been determined. If you have not began protecting yourself with physical silver, you are in the right place.
   Consider this: One year ago I urged you to purchase physical silver. The spot price one year ago was $17.35 per ounce. Now the spot price is $40.52 as of 12:53 PM EST. In 12 months time silver has better than doubled.
Does that mean I will sell now? No way. I'm buying more. It's not about waiting for a certain price to sell. It's about financial security. It's about having real, solid wealth instead of flimsy, unstable, rapidly declining paper money which the world does not want anymore.
   You can make your own power-move right now. Click any one of my APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) banners located at various places on this website. Register with APMEX for free, no risk, and you will be in the monthly givaway drawings. You will be registered to win 1 oz. gold coins and more, every month! So click my APMEX banner right away. You have nothing to lose and security itself to gain, along with free gold and silver.
   Also, I am working on securing a half dozen Geiger counters, the big hand-held models which allow us to take radiation readings at specific locations at specific times. The 6 pack dosimeters + charging apparatus have all been sold out. I read a comment suggesting some people were profiteering from Fukushima. I must say that I have been urging and pressing everyone I know to acquire for themselves radiation detection equipment, potassium iodate, gasmasks, Tyvek suits, yellow nuke-boots and black rubber chemical gloves since 2008. I had my own web-store called Family Gas Masks. I wrote many posts on this website about how we MUST prepare for nuclear powerplant meltdowns. Very few people listened to me back then. But a handfull of very intelligent people did listen. I salute them. Anyway, I have been urging people to prepare for nuclear chaos since long before Fukushima. See for yourself, scroll down to "Cloud of The Patriots Cave", and click labels such as "chernobyl", "Three Mile Island", "nukes" and so on. There you will see articles written one, two and three years ago, warning to prepare for atomic disaster. 
  On a related point, do you remember when I tipped you off to Great Panther Silver mine? I said it was one of the few stocks I would trust. That stock was around 90 cents per share when I posted about it. It is now roughly $4.00 per share, not even one year later. 
  Also, I have posted plans for a FREE d.i.y. radiation meter in the Survivalist/Prepper/Intel links section below. Just scroll down and check it out. I post as much free stuff as I can possibly find. I posted a link for a kit to make a Big Burkey for only $30 instead of $200, and I wasn't even selling the kit.
 I sell Hulda Clark Zappers for $25 shipped. But I also offer free plans to make your own. I have received e-mails asking for those plans. The plans are in Hulda Clark's book, which you can read for free on . Forgive me for not individually mailing a link to those who have asked, but if you read what I already said, you will find the plans on my website. For free. Of course I want you to buy a Hulda Clark Zapper from me for $25.00 shipped, because I'm raising a family in modern-day USA, but for those who wish to make one themselves, I have made the plans available. For free.
  Moreover, to my critics I say this: When other were selling potassium iodine pills for $600 per bottle, or for $20 per 12 pills, I was offering 5,000 pills for $39.00 ! Thirty-nine bucks! So forgive me for getting a bit pointed when I am grouped in with those people who started selling potassium iodate after Fukushima yet never even bought potassium iodate FOR THEIR OWN FAMILY! I was selling and urging people to have iodate in their bug-out-bag back in 2008. That's it, I'm done. My point is that The Patriots Cave is a resource. It is a tool you can utilize to help survive your family. Look at each feature on this website, carefully, and you will see what I am talking about. To those loyal readers who have helped support this website, I extend my sincere thanks and much love. Thank you, from my heart. Thank You. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out. 

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