Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Could Very Well Happen To America (Viewer Discretion Advised:Graphic)

The map above speaks volumes. The following hypothetical scenario could occur in 2011 or 2012:
Multiple M-Class flares and X-Class solar flares (1) precede a series of earthquakes striking both California and the New Madrid Fault Zone region of the Midwest, USA. California is rocked by a 8.1 M quake, followed by a series of descending magnitude aftershocks. Another quake strikes the Midwest United States, the epicenter located 22 miles east of Little Rock, Arkansas, registering 7.5 M with a series of descending magnitude aftershocks. Problems from these seismic events are compounded by space-weather events. As predicted by NASA, (2) the 2012 solar max releases a super-massive CME. The massive solar flares overload the nation's power grids, knocking out electrical power to over two/thirds of the CONUS. As a result of both the earthquakes and the EMP (3) sent via the super-massive CME, 2 atomic reactors in southern California go into meltdown. One reactor in southern Illinois has lost power and struggles to prevent meltdown. With each aftershock (4) the situation worsens.
Nearly all electronic means of communication are down. Cell phones are down. Land-line telephone networks are down. Any lines which may have survived are overloaded to the point of uselessness. Television networks are out. AM and FM radio stations are down in 2/3rds of the CONUS. Hospitals are running on backup power generators. Grocery stores lock their doors. Gas stations cannot operate their pumps. Panic sets in. Looting begins en mass. Mob rule takes over in metropolitan areas. Drug stores are looted. Liquor stores are looted. Gun store owners across the nation begin shooting looters who attempt to overtake their stores. Traffic lights are out. Accidents begin piling up. Ambulances cannot be called. As night falls, the lack of power and streetlights bring a darkness not seen in America as a whole in over 200 years. Radiation begins to spread.
Workers struggle in vain to contain the damaged reactors. One of the atomic power facilities is abandoned on fears of an imminent hydrogen explosion. Those fears are realized 11 hours later as the containment dome of reactor #3 at the Acme Atomic Power Plant (A.A.P.P.) explodes in a 3,000 ft. high plume of fire, ash, steel, concrete and uranium. With power and communications down, there is no effective way to warn citizens downwind that a silent, invisible killer is making it's way towards them.
As the radioactive material spewed forth from the damaged reactor, people downwind began to feel the effects. Many people were exposed, due to the fact that millions of radios were damaged by the EMP emitted from the Sun. People did not know that going outside was a death-sentence. The first symptoms to set in were mass cases of nausea and vomiting. Two hours later, severe diarrhea took hold. Four hours after initial exposure, victims succumbed to extremely painful, agonizing headaches. The headaches became much worse as vomiting and diarrhea caused them to become dangerously dehydrated. Not long after the headaches took over, burning fevers were reported in the victims. Some died relatively quickly. Some suffered on.
   One week after initial exposure, victims began to lose their hair. Their vomit then filled with blood. Bloody diarrhea then ensued. More died. Some lived on yet. Some who survived the radiation effects, later died of opportunistic infections from having been so weakened.
  Across the country, it became imperative for each family and individual to cluster around someone or some group who had in their possession a radiation meter of some kind. Well equipped groups had both dosimeters to track exposure over time, and survey meters, to analyze radiation levels at a specific time and/or location. Those without such apparatus fought desperately to fall in with someone who did, so they could determine when it was safe to go outside, and where the safest locations were. In the post collapse world, a radiation meter with one fresh battery was said to be worth more than a million-dollar mansion was worth before the collapse. After disaster struck, money meant nothing. Survival meant everything.
(1) Sunspots => Solar Flares (charged particles) => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros 1998)

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