Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help Another Find God, Share Your Faith Here And Now

Please Answer The 14 Questions
Good day, and welcome to The Patriots Cave. Today I have a series of questions for you.
#1: Do you know God?
#2: Do you have faith?
#3: Have you had any experiences which have strengthened your belief in God?
#4: What would you tell someone who wanted to believe? Aside from simply telling them to "pray and ask God to come into their heart".
#5: Have you had anything happen in your life which would indicate that there is an all-knowing, all-powerful God?
#6: Do you subscribe to a particular religion?
#7: Is your religion the only true religion? Or does it co-exist with other religions?
#8: Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
#9: Do you believe that angels exist? Demons? Satan?
#10: Do you believe there is a state of being or a place called Hell, where souls are sent to suffer?
#11: What can you offer to those who have prayed for God to come into their life, yet have heard nothing?   What encouragement can you offer them?
#12: Do you believe some people are destined to be Godless?
#13: Do you believe Muslims, Jews, and Christians are praying to the same God?
#14: What is God's name? Does the same God answer to many names? Or just one name?

   This post is no joke. It is dead serious. I want to hear from the believers. I want believers to testify. If your religion is true, then tell the world now. Use the "comments" feature at the bottom of this post. All comments will be published, I will not be reading over them first. As soon as you click the button it will be published.
Don't be shy now, this is crucial. People from all over the world will be reading your testimony for as long as the world wide web exists. If you are a believer, then I charge you to share what you believe and what you know and what God has revealed to you.
Do not send your testimony by e-mail. Write it in the comment section only.
This is very, very important.
Answer as many of the questions as you can. Be honest, take your time, and share with the world what is in your heart of hearts. Thank You.


Joel the K said...

Testing 1-2-3, testing. Making sure the comment box is up and running. Check.

Anonymous said...

1) yes I know God
2) yes I have faith
3) I have had experiences all my life that have strengthed my belief in God
4)the joy of living a life free from guilt/sin walking in a path of love and forgiveness is a life of peace and tranquility, and knowing in your spirit that there is a better place after this life
5)God's powerful healing hand touched my son's life when he was three years old, lack of oxygen to the brain during an open heart surgery left him in an almost vegetative place, my son was being transfered to a rehabilitaion hospital in Toronto, ON he woke up and spoke my name mom for the first time in two months, the Doctors had no explanation for the sudden awakening but I did the night before I prayed, cried and told God that I would love and care for him with all his health issues, but that you GOD promised not to give us more than we were able to handle, I let God know that I could not handle this, and he spoke my name the next morning he is twenty three years old now.
6)I used to subscribe to a specific religion, but I don't any more I have a relationship with God and read and study my Bible
7) I believe we all bleed red, there is only one God, with many different faiths and interpritaions of God and that all religions co-exist
8) I personally have never had a supernatural experience.
9) I believe that angle's exist, as do demons and definatly satan.
10) yes I believe there is a state of being/place called hell where souls are sent to suffer
11) sinserity, it must come from the depth of your soul God hears all prayers and answers all prayers
12) I do not believe that some people are destined to be Godless, if they are Godless it is a choice the individual has made
13)Yes as I stated before there is only one God, with many differant interpretations and faiths
14)God's name is God the alpha and omaga the beginning and the end, God know's from a man's heart that he God is being spoken to or called upon so yes he answers to many names

Joel the K said...

Thank you for sharing that. Very much.