Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mass Animal Deaths Continue In Ohio, New Madrid Quake Sign

 See the website for the article called "Mothman Sighted Over New Madrid Earthquake Zone". The signs are adding up brethren and sistren. The government is now conducting a National Level Excercize based upon a scenario where a massive earthquake strikes the New Madrid Zone. FEMA recently ordered millions of MREs and blankets to stockpile near the New Madrid for use in the event of a megaquake occuring in that area. Just before Japan was rocked by the 9.1 Mag. earthquake, millions of fish washed up on the beach in California. It's all starting to add up. The Patriots Cave advises readers in and around the New Madrid area to get their preps in order. Get some clean water stocked up. Get extra canned food, extra beans, rice, first-aid, clothing, supplies, fuel and necessities. Make a contingency plan for your family. Ask yourselves "what if"? What if it happens when you are not at home? Have a meeting point ready in case communications are disabled. Have a plan. God bless you.


Sherry said...

Here in Hutchinson,KS...we have dead birds falling all over the place! My kids are seeing them on the way to school. Sterling, KS had a woman who saw at least 50 birds fall dead from her tree! What is causing this? HAARP? The radiation over the US? Chemtrails? I truly believe we are systematically being exterminated by our government. My only hope is that one day, soon I hope, the rapture will take place, and we won't have to suffer these consequences any more! God help us!

Joel the K said...

I believe electromagnetic pulses from HAARP, ELF, VLF, GWEN as well as "cell" towers which i call death towers are ruining the natural balances of all life forms on this planet. I am doing an experiment where i grow 7 plants inside a faraday cage, and 7 outside of the cage, to see what the difference is. Thank you very much for your comment and for the report from Kansas. This is how we share info. Good job!