Friday, June 17, 2011

Is Anyone Else Losing It? Or Is It Just Me?

   Is anyone else losing it? Have I died and gone to hell and did not realize it? How much insanity can a man take and not end up rocking back and forth in the corner? What am I talking about you ask? Okay, I'll tell you what I'm talking about.
   I'm talking about the government using viral infections to transmit DNA into human beings in an attempt to modify or control behavior. Sound far out? Sound like conspiracy "theory"? See for yourself:

   This scientist (eugenicist) has been sent to the Pentagon by some greedy eugenics corporation to sell the government on his little plan. And if you skipped over listening to him you better back up and press play. Don't watch it all. Just listen for 2-3 minutes. It'll be plenty for you to realize that this man and the corporation who sent him is completely and totally insane.
   How does a corporation gain the right to alter the DNA of entire future generations? Huh? Can someone tell me how that is justified on any level? Oh I can imagine someone reading this will say it's for the "war on terror". Terror? I'll tell you what terror is. Terror is a group of pinhead scientists coming up with new ways to make huge amounts of taxpayer money by altering human DNA without permission! THAT terrifies ME. I am terrified. I'm terrified for my wife and kids. I'm terrified for my country. I'm terrified for each and every person reading these words as well as your kids, grand kids and great grand kids.
   They are talking about infecting Muslims with a virus. The virus is encoded with a DNA altering program to supposedly remove religious "fanaticism". PROBLEM: "Fanaticism" is a subjective term. Muslims today, Christians tomorrow. And if they can modify behavior through viral DNA transmission, where does it end? Where does it end brethren and sistren? You don't believe in gay marriage? Oh maybe you are a "fanatic". Maybe they better give you a vaccine loaded with some special mind-ripping DNA to bring you around to the "correct" way of thinking and behaving.  
   Oh you don't feel that your children should have a "smart" microchip injected into their arm? Oh we can fix that. One little mosquito bite and your toes will be on the line in no time. We can't have any of you constitution "fanatics" getting in the way of a billion dollar government contract now can we? 
   Just line up, take the vaccine and SHUT UP! You are here to support the machine little man, and that's all. 
Sound far out? Monsanto is a prime example of how corporations will gladly kill billions of human beings, and alter the DNA of an ENTIRE PLANET, to keep the profits coming in. 
   Ask a farmer. If farmer Brown is growing organic, heirloom corn, and a few microns of genetically modified corn pollen blow onto Farmer Brown's field on the wind, then Farmer Brown will get sued by Monsanto for "stealing" a patented DNA sequence. Did farmer Brown ASK Monsanto to destroy his all-natural, God-given corn? No. Do GMO crops destroy nature and ruin the health of people everywhere? YES! Monsanto has spread this crap all over the planet! They are destroying our planet! Am I the only one losing it? Every day I pass by a thousand people who are LOST. They are lost. They are programmed to do and think what a hundred mega-corporations want them to do and think. And they don't even know it. 
   Just try and tell them. They are pre-programmed to reject the truth and call you a "nutter" or a "conspiracy theorist". This ain't a theory! It's all documented. It's all admitted. They do put poison in the tap water. They do put cancer in the vaccines. They do spray diseases on the masses from airplanes. It's ADMITTED! Holy freaking crap man. If you don't believe any one of the atrocities I have mentioned in this article, than just go to a search engine and type in the search term and investigate it yourself. 
   What are these government officials thinking? Do they not realize it's killing their kids too? What are these corporate "movers and shakers" thinking? Do they not understand they are killing their own kids and grand kids? DO they not see their future grandchildren suffering with cancers? Suffering and dying. And for what? Money? Cars? Prestige? Oh Lord God how long? How long will you suffer these demons to torture innocent children and animals?
  Monsanto is the abomination of desolation. Your body is the temple of God. Your DNA was written by God. Your DNA is the book of life. Do not accept GMO, or government DNA.
"So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains." (Matthew 24:15-26)
Translation: When you see the Beast altering the Holy creation of God, have no part in it.
I realize dear reader that my interpretation of that scripture is not the universal meaning for it. It has a special meaning as well. All scripture is multi-layered, and may reveal different secrets to different readers.
In conclusion, I must admit that it's getting to me. This corporate-government monster is totally out of control and is now infringing on everything good, decent, and sacred in our lives. The only way to change it is to change ourselves. We cannot change as a people if the people are ignorant. Those of us who are not working to spread the truth MUST START WORKING now. Or we are doomed. Do something. 


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Good God, if they can do this simply by releasing a flu virus, there's no telling what could be unleashed on us without us even knowing about it. That is the most frightening 4 minutes I've ever spent in my life. Thank you for posting that Joel.

Joel the K said...

I know man. It is horrifying and insane the power these corporations have gained over all life on this planet. We have surrendered the future of humankind, all animal species, and all other life-forms of Earth, to groups of people willing to sacrifice us all, willing to sacrifice our life-giving Mother Earth for all time, just for the love of power and money for a few years. Could it BE any more insane?!
Our earth man! They are going to make it a lifeless rock like Mars if we don't inform the young today, who will be the policy makers of tomorrow.
Thank you Craig. I appreciate your input very much.

Joel the K said...

Boycott Monsanto. Ban GMO. Refuse dangerous vaccines. Ban fluoride from tap water.
Now the policy makers are getting ready to add Lithium to the tap water to control the behavior of the public. Just like fluoride. Insane. Spead the word.