Thursday, June 30, 2011

Survival Group With Unsinkable Boat

   There are survival groups forming in record numbers. I was sent an invitation to join a survival community in the Appalachian Mountains. The cost was $500 down, plus $50/month for 60 months, plus $100/year forever. For that price, each participant would have possession of 1/2 acre of land and be part of a survival community deep in the boondock hills of Appalachia. It's not a bad deal really, under certain circumstances. My primary problem with the offer is: Location - location - location. If you have been a reader of The Patriots Cave since 2008, then you may recall Joel the K's stance regarding 2012. If not, let me bring you up to speed.
  I'm not talking about planetary alignments or galactic centers. Those phenomena are connected to the coming extinction level event, but they are not the cause of it. The cause of the coming global cataclysm is of course our local star, a.k.a. "the" sun.
   Look, we don't have a great deal of time left. I'm looking for some family units who are determined to survive the E.L.E.. I have a VERY workable plan here brethren and sistren. What I don't have is alot of time to explain the details of why us earthlings are in for the $hit$torm of all time. Fortunately, Cliff High explains much of it here at this link: . Go to the link, read it all, then when you are convinced of the inevitable solar Doomsday, come back here and hear out my plan.
You read it eh? Scary as hell isn't it? Okay, so you are ready to hear my plan. Here is the "K-Plan" for surviving a global E.L.E. complete with crustal displacement and massive Gerylian tsunamis:
The model shows the CONUS (continental United States) getting shifted into the Arctic Circle via crustal displacement as put forth by Charles Hapgood and endorsed by Albert Einstein. This means that the CONUS would for the most part be a freezing death-zone. Texas would be the best state in the CONUS from which to ride out the initial shift and from which to migrate south in search of warmer climates.
   This is reason #1 that I don't like the location of the Appalachian survival group. Here comes reason #2.
Patrick Geryl's model suggests that survivors will be situated at 8,000 ft. above sea level in order to avoid contact with seismic tsunami waves of a size unimaginable. There are no mountains in the Appalachian range anywhere even close to 8,000 feet above sea level. Texas on the other hand has an absolutely perfect location called Guadalupe Mountain. Guadalupe Peak is just shy of 8,800 feet above sea level. The beauty part is that the mountain is only 3,000 feet above the surrounding plains. In other words, most of the climb to 8,800 feet is done gradually on the highway. When you get out of the car or truck at the foot of the hill, you are already 5,000 feet above sea level! Then a very nice gravel trail leads you up to the summit without any serious or risky climbing. It's perfect. At the top of the mountain is a metallic pyramid monument for the Boy Scouts of America and the old Pony Express. There's alot of room up there too. It's very broad and very flat with room for many people and whatever else they carry with them. 
   Land is available a few hours south of Guadalupe Mountain for cheaper than dirt. I also have located a 40-person free-fall lifeboat also known as an "unsinkable" boat. I prefer not to use the term "unsinkable". Ma Nature can sink ANYTHING. I prefer to use the term "self-righting" boat. This boat can be dropped 60 feet and then plunge 20 feet under and come popping back up like a cork. It is covered and water-tight. 
   So here it is: A few families pull resources and secure a piece of land in southwest Texas. We buy the boat and store it at one of the member's place in Texas or store it at the retreat site along with it's trailer. 
  Sometime in November, 2012, the group retreats to the west Texas location. From there we watch atmospheric conditions for signs of approaching cataclysm. When it's time, before 12/21/12, the group forms a small convoy and heads for Guadalupe Mountain, 2-3 hours north. Upon arrival, everyone except the captain of the boat and the operating crew sets out on foot for the summit. The captain and his volunteer crew hold fast in case of rapidly approaching flood waters. It is their mission to survive the initial impact of the waters and to pick up the land group when the situation dictates. 
   These free-fall lifeboats cost a fortune, but I have located one for less than $5,000. The land costs half of what the boat costs. I don't have that kind of money, but if a few families pull together, or if a person with substantial wealth would be willing to sponsor the effort, we can make this happen. 
   I know it's a gamble but think of how high the stakes are. If Hapgood and Einstein were right, Texas is it. If you are interested e-mail me Joel the K at .


Anonymous said...


How much are you talking about with your plan?

Joel the K said...

I don't know. I want that boat man. If their comes a cataclysmic flood, like happened at least once before that we know of, a covered boat would be the ultimate. Since I cannot buy the boat, I don't have $3,500 which the seller is asking, I figured it was worth a shot to post my plan.
Plan B is to simply head for Guadalupe Mountain if the world starts shaking and quaking and showing dreadful signs in the sky like an oncoming planet or something.
If it looks like nothing is happening in Autumn 2012, then chances are the predictions were off.
But if the signs are in the earth and in the sky in Autumn 2012, then I'm heading for Guadalupe Mountain. If the water exceeds 8,800 feet, then my last thought will be "damn, I wish we coulda got that boat...blub..blub..blub..gasp."
In the meantime, I was hoping to see how many people are interested. This would give us an idea how much each person would pitch in.
Or we could forget the land and just go for the boat. It's a nebulous plan, but if worse comes to worst, just get to Guadalupe mountain before TSHTF. If you want on the list of potential participants, send me an e-mail.
As far as bottom line $$$ goes, 10 acres close to the Mountain costs $2,000. And the boat costs $3500 but the motor needs a tune up. The motor does fire up though. It has 40 seats. The seats are like roller coaster seats. To hold people in even if it flips. What an adventure that would be eh?
Maybe we could get a reality show to sponsor us. They could film the "nutters" getting ready for Doomsday. Ha ha. Just maybe we could. We need a sponsor. Any ideas?

Dee said...

Hi Joel, Ive been thinking the same thing for the past few weeks. lifeboat... As an alternate source of power, I think it would be wise to fit it with a collapsible or telescopic mast with sail... Solar panels? Idk. Im a former Marine and Im okay when it comes to survival skills on land, the water... not so much. Id be willing to consider collaborating with you but we dont have a lot of time...

mike said...

I have been looking into steel self righting boats for years for same reasons too. Steel and ice class are important. Lots of debris and ice with entirely turbulent seas need a strong hull. You will need more than 1 boat because of supplies you will need to rebuild like seeds. Alternative motivation like sailing or wave powered generators that power an electric motor. solar and batteries a must as well as a windmill made for sailboats. An extra boat to help make room for seeds and supplies, no more stores so you need whatever you will need the rest of your life. You cant depend on salvage later although when possible you would want to.

Joel the K said...

Dee and Mike, thanks for your feedback. I think you have the right idea. However, money seems to be the problem as usual.
I pray 12/21/12 comes and goes like any other day. Because I for one do not have a self-righting boat. It's depressing guys. I don't feel good about my preparedness efforts with regards to 2012. I hope you are doing better than I am. Thanks again.

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