Thursday, August 4, 2011

K-Plan Pays Off Mortgage With 1 Ounce Of Silver

 Welcome brethren and sistren. We are rapidly approaching the "Last Chance Saloon" so to speak. I am no financial advisor, so I cannot guide people regarding investments, but I can share with you my plan for riding the Great Depression Wave right to the top of Financial Security Mountain. So let's be clear, I am not advising anyone, I am simply sharing my plan for myself. Get it? Got it.
 Okay, here it is. I see hyperinflation coming down the pike in the near future. I see continued dollar devaluation on an ever increasing scale. How can I stay afloat if my dollars become worth less and less?
I am converting dollars into physical silver. My favorites are Silver Eagles, silver bars, silver quarters, Walking Liberty Half-dollars, mercury dimes, Morgan dollars and 1/4 oz. fractional rounds. As the U.S. Dollar loses it's value, the spot price of silver will climb higher and higher until it soars past figures once thought unreachable.
Silver Bars and Coins
Consider this: Let us imagine for example that John Doe has a mortgage payment of $1,000 per month fixed. What will happen to John Doe's budget when hyperinflation seizes hold? His savings will become worthless as each dollar loses purchase power. His paycheck will not have the power to buy groceries, gas, and pay the bills. Yet his mortgage payment stays the same because it is fixed.
If only John Doe would have converted his dollars over into physical silver. Perhaps he would have witnessed each ounce of his silver climbing from $37 per ounce to $1000 per ounce. Then John Doe could have paid his mortgage payment off for the month with only one ounce of silver which he paid thirty or forty or fifty dollars for. Brethren and sistren, Joel the K sees this exact scenario unfolding in the next 12-18 months. It is my personal economic theory.
I have done my homework, therefore I know for certain that silver is massively under priced. There is less silver on Earth than there is gold. Silver is needed to make computers, circuits, micro-chips, cell-phones, medicine, and thousands of industrial applications. Silver is getting used up FAST. Joel the K sees silver becoming worth MORE than even gold. Can gold kill antibiotic resistant super-germs like MRSA? Is gold the greatest conductor of electricity on the planet? Is gold needed to make all these smart phone gadgets that people are buying up a million miles a second? No, no and no. It is silver. I have seen the future and it is silver. That is the K-Plan: BUY SILVER.
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Silver Bars and Coins

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