Monday, September 5, 2011

Uncanny Revelations On Comet Elenin/Planet X Rocks Internet, Biblical Scholars Astounded

   My thanks to Kris for supplying this information. I have been kind of back and forth on the Comet Elenin issue. Up until now it seemed to me another over hyped non-event. Now I'm not so sure.
   Kris sent me this video and asked that I watch it. It is 90 minutes in length but it is crucial to watch it in it's entirety. This is a mind-blowing expose' regarding events that may be only hours away in some cases up to a few days away in another. The pastor who researched the material and gives the presentation uses Google-Earth, Google-Sky, the ancient scriptures from the Holy Bible, NASA reports, astronomical calculations, Native American legend and prophecy, the Apocalypse of Saint John the Divine and a few other sources to make the most compelling case for Comet Elenin's world-shaking significance that this blogger has yet seen.
   The Pastor ties together a very strong chain of events which suggest we may now be hours away from the events spoken of by the prophet Daniel and by Saint John in the Book of The Revelation. Yes it sounds impossible I know, but you have to hear him out before you judge. If even part of the Pastor's argument is true, then time for preparedness and preparations is at an end or very near to it. I advise you to take the time and hear him out brethren and sistren. This is something serious. This presentation is heavy with gravity both grim and spiritual. It is a must see. My thanks again to Kris in Minnesota for sending The Patriots Cave the link to the "7seventheory" with the Comet Elenin/Planet X presentation.

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