Sunday, November 6, 2011

Santa Prepares For 2012

Good day brethren and sistren, welcome to the world famous controversial blog known worldwide as "The Patriots Cave". I am Chief Executive Blogger (CEB) of The Patriots Cave, my name is Joel the K. It is now the month of November. The holidays are drawing near. Most of us are on extremely tight budgets right now, so the thought of buying Christmas gifts this season may present an obstacle. Joel the K has a solution. Check it down and hear me out:
2012 is less than 2 moons away people. Solar cycle 24 promises to provide plenty of natural disasters all over the world in 2012. I don't wish it to happen, but it is going to happen. There will be increased earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, mega-storms, power failures, solar eruptions, coronal mass ejections, electromagnetic pulse impacts, X-class solar flares, communication grid failures, infrastructure collapse, supply line failures, black-outs, brown-outs, rolling black-outs, tornadoes, blizzards, ice storms, and other unseen disasters on international, national, state, county and citywide levels. My point? It's not too late to make some last minute preparations. And the beauty of it is that you can make preparations while at the same time crossing off names on your Christmas gift list. I am very "frugal" my friends. Some even call me "cheap", so rest assured the deals I am sharing with you are for fellow "frugal" preppers/gift-givers.
Here are some ideas for items you and your loved ones will need for 2012, which just so happen to make great prizes on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. So check it out:
First up is the 150 lb. draw crossbow with pistol-grip. This survival tool is powerful enough to take down any known land animal in N. America, has beautiful wood trim, and costs only $69.95 !! Brethren and sistren, you cannot and will not find a better price on a true hunters crossbow. You would do well to have this shortened stock crossbow w/pistol grip. Wives, your husband will be giddy-happy like little Ralphy when he got his Red Ryder on Christmas morning if you buy him this heavy-duty crossbow by clicking The Patriots Cave "BUDK" affiliate banner located along the right-hand side of this website. In fact there are a few BUDK banners on my blog. Click any of them and click the crossbow section and you will see this beautiful wood grain survival tool any man would be thrilled to own. You will be getting the best price anywhere and I will be earning a small commission. Thank You.
The next gift idea is a classic cavalry saber for a mere $14.99. Look at the customer reviews for this sword! People love it! It's sharp, beautiful, strong, sturdy and very inexpensive. Some of the customers buy a quantity of these sabers to furnish their armory with. In case they ever need to arm a small group of warriors in a pinch (hey, you never know). In 2012, men (and women) just might start wearing swords again as in days of old. I don't know about you, but in my home, we have at least 7 swords that I can think of in various locations throughout the house. And a few machetes in the garage as well. I want this cavalry saber. I wish my wife would buy me one (so I don't have to buy it for myself).
This next item is a survival tool slash gift that no man in the entire history of survivalism would not want. It is the famous ColdSteel(TM) Bushman combination survival spear/knife. This blade is indestructible and has a razor sharp edge capable of slicing clean through 4" rope hanging freely. The handle is hollow so that the entire unit can be fixed onto the end of a shaft for the deadliest spear ever made. This Bushman sells for over $30 on many websites. Get it now for $22.99. You will have the famous COLDSTEEL razor edge and be able to have a survival spear handy no matter what 2012 dishes out.  People, you are not going to find quality survival implements like these at Walmark or your local Sweatshop-Communist Dollar Store. Before I wrap this post up, here is a very low cost stocking stuffer survivalist item for all the preppers on your give list. An 11 function credit-card sized survival tool for only 99 cents. You can't beat that. So there it is brethren and sistren. Kill two birds with one marble. Prepare for survival and get your holiday gifts in one clean swoop. Just click on any of my BUDK affiliate banners here in The Patriots Cave. Don't forget, if you intend to vote for Ron Paul in the primary, you must register Republican a few months before the primary race. If you are not already. Please spread the word on this because some people are all for Ron Paul yet they are not prepared to help him win the primary which is crucial. Spread the word. Ron Paul 2012: Re-build America on the foundation of our Constitution as it was meant to be by our great Founding Fathers. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K from Ohio saying "over and out".

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