Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Crucial Message From Joel the K

Happy Christmas from The Patriots Cave! Welcome. I am Joel the K, Chief Executive Blogger (CEB) and Vlogger here in this virtual cave of resistance. Many people ask about my Internet handle, Joel "the K". They ask what the "K" stands for. It stands for kshatriya, an ancient word from the oldest and most influential country on the planet: India.
   As far as the name of this blog, "Patriots" Cave, I'll be honest and admit I would like to change the name and drop the word "Patriot" from the title. Back in 2008 or 2007 when I started this blog, it wasn't such an overused and played out term as it is now. I might change the name of my blog in the next few weeks. I am open to suggestion if you would like to contribute some ideas. Leave a comment at the end of this post or send me an e-mail at . I was thinking of calling it simply: "Joel the K Presents". If I do change the name, I shall buy a new domain also. The old domain will still work also for around a year or so. Anyway, just letting you know what I'm thinking about doing with this blog in 2012.
   I am also preparing to launch a new radio show in 2012. It will broadcast live on Blogtalk radio. Look for a post with all the details in the next few days. I am very excited about this because I truly enjoy transmitting live over the world wide web.
   If you are a new visitor or even a returning visitor and you have not subscribed yet please do so. The Patriots Cave has had only 48 subscribers for well over a year now. I am beginning to think that it does not function properly. I am talking about the subscribe widget over on the right-hand side of the page. It has tiny photos of all the subscribers. Please click the "subscribe" button over there if you have not done so already. It does not cost anything, it will not bring spam, it will not cause you pain and it only takes a minute. It will help me out by rating my site higher on the web and placing me higher on search engines and the like. Okay? Don't forget. Thanks. Also, please tell a friend about The Patriots Cave.
   2012 is upon us. Never before in history have so many people looked upon one date with such mystery. Some compare 12/21/2012 to Y2K. I say there is no comparison. The Mayans were second only to the ancient Rishis of India in their knowledge of cycles, time, astronomy, astrology, vibration, archetypes and the deep mysteries of the veiled energies. The Mayans knew something brethren and sistren. They began their calender around 3114 B.C. and ended it on 12-21-2012 for a reason. Please do not make a hasty emotional judgement on this if you have not done the research. I'm not saying the world is going to end. That's not what I'm saying. My point is we are on the verge of a watershed event of cosmic proportions, for good or ill. And that this is the year to make final preparations in ALL sectors of our lives: spiritual, physical, logistical, domestical, financial, and familial. We simply just do not know what 2012 will bring. It will be wise to prepare for any contingency.
   In spite of the vast number of predictions and theories regarding 2012, I have my own educated prognostication as to what will occur come 12/21/2012. I feel that when Earth crosses the galactic plane, a series of natural disasters will ensue. I feel the Earth will experience mega-earthquakes, mega-tsunamis, severe hurricanes, F6 tornadoes (the Fujita scale only goes up to F5), massive volcanic eruptions, unprecedented floods, horrible famine, terrible drought, massive severe thunderstorms, and the worst of all: solar activity such as solar flares, X-class flares, CMEs and EMPs. The Patriots Cave has researched extensively on Solar Cycle #24. You may have seen the video I posted a few days ago with Michio Kaku talking about how Solar Cycle #24 could end our technological world as we know it. NASA has also released warnings regarding S.C.-24.
   So you see, 2012 could be the end of the world for those who are unprepared. I know in my heart of hearts however that humanity will not be exterminated as a whole.
   A quick word regarding politics: It is my opinion that if/when natural disasters strike in force, the impact of these events will be so severe that all political squabbles will be moot and trumped. Human beings will be too concerned with survival to worry about politics. Left vs. Right, Rep. vs. Dem., Communist vs. Capitalist and so on will become moot points as people pull together to overcome the effects of mega natural disasters. Which is why the governmental agencies need to realize that preppers as a whole are not preparing for political events as they imagine. Preppers are preparing for emergencies and severe natural disasters, not political coup d' etat's. I just wanted to put that out there f.y.i..
   So here we are, Christmas 2011. The Mayan countdown widget is now under 365 days. Earth has less than one lap to go around our star before the Mayan calender ends. To you who are Christians, I wish you a happy Christmas. If you have never read "Autobiography of a Yogi" by the great saint and Master Paramahansa Yogananda, I highly recommend you do so asap. It is a life-changing experience.
 Unlike so many preachers who claim to communicate with God, ParamahansaYogananda actually did. How many preachers do you know who could stop their heart from beating and stop their breath altogether while they entered the Divine state of samadhi? I urge you to read Autobiography of a Yogi. There are countless documented events described therein which may serve to shift your assemblage point (see search term cloud at bottom of page for "assemblage point") and allow you to perceive Truth from within. Yogananda went to the desert later in His life and wrote "The Second Coming of Christ" - The Resurrection of The Christ Within You-. The Master went through The Gospels, verse by verse. Each time he read a verse he would enter the breathless state and communicate directly with Christ. He would then record the true meaning of that verse. Yogananda's "Second Coming Of Christ" ends 2,000 years of misunderstandings and dogmatic error. The Children of God may once and for all understand what Christ meant, and what He didn't mean. This 2 part book took 4 decades to complete brethren and sistren. This is not some book cranked out in 12 months by some televangelist claiming to know God. Read Autobiography of a Yogi, then read Second Coming Of Christ by Paramahansa Yogananda, and you may perceive the Truth of it, directly via The Logos. May The Christ within vibrate out of you into the atmospheres and into all who come near you. Aum. Amen. Amin. Hari Ram. For The Patriots Cave, this is Joel the K saying Merry Christmas, over and out.    


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Joel the K Presents sounds good to me. I do believe this is gonna be a rough year. The drought here in Texas is forecast to continue unabated, and the horrific wildfires we experienced will return with a vengeance. Merry Christmas Joel, and may 2012 bring you health and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

The story about rockets being fired into an Iranian village is from 2003. You should pull the story. Nimmo and Jones made a mistake or are deliberately misleading.

Joel the K said...

Merry Christmas May-B! May you and yours also prosper in the coming year. God bless and protect.
OK I'll check it out. Actually I'm not even going to check it out, I'm just going to delete that headline on your word. Good looking out. I appreciate your mindfullness.