Sunday, February 5, 2012

Medals For Mediocrity

Medals For Mediocrity: A Patriots Cave Guest Post By Mr. Snake Plissken
Medals For Mediocrity
By Snake Plissken
 Imagine a job where closing the big account was not rewarded with a raise, but instead you were punished for making your co-workers look bad. A factory where being the top producer garnished you not praise, but reprimands for out-working other employees. Imagine a company that equally rewarded excellence and mediocrity. Sounds like a crazy world, doesn't it? And yet this is what we teach our children to expect every day. Kids get medals, trophies and awards just for showing up. From sports to spelling bees kids no longer need to win to become a "winner". Just put on a jersey and you are a "winner". Participate in anything and you get trophy. There is no need to try to win, just show up. Those mean kids that have talent, practice hard, and strive to achieve will be sternly dealt with by well-meaning adults overly concerned with protecting your fragile self-esteem. There will be consequences for those ambitious few. Case in point: Demias Jimerson, an 11 year old from Arkansas, who after scoring seven touchdowns in a single game was told that he can no longer score more than three touchdowns in a game if his team leads by 14 points or more. "This is to help the other fifth and sixth graders develop as football players too". WHAT!!!! Are you kidding me!?!?! What kind of ass-backward logic is that? IRON SHARPENS IRON. Great performers in any physical or mental arena will tell you that the best way to improve your abilities is to practice against and with those that are BETTER THAN YOU. Losing teaches character, sportsmanship, work ethic and self-discipline. What if North Carolina had told Michael Jordan to stop making baskets? Or if Notre Dame had benched Joe Montana for throwing too many touchdowns? If Texas had pulled Roger Clemens out for striking out too many opposing players. What if Einstein, Tesla or Hawking were ignored so as not to make the "average" human feel stupid. The very idea of these scenarios is ludicrous and yet this is fast becoming the norm in our "politically correct" society.  
        All too often I see people more worried about a child's self-esteem than teaching that child that hard work and dedication are NECESSARY to achieve anything of importance in life. We all have lazy, worthless people at our jobs and we all get angry at how "unfair" it is that we do "all the work" and yet they get paid the same as us. But God forbid that another child out-perform yours. "That just wouldn't be fair". Let me tell you something- Fair does not get you a college education. Fair will not get you a job. Fair can not pay a mortgage or a car payment. Fair will not save for your retirement. Hard work, perseverance and self-sacrifice get you those things. Is it any wonder that kids today think that they just need to show up to work to get paid? The idea that they need  to be on time and be there every day and do actual physical labor is a foreign concept to them. The only effort that they have ever been expected to exert is to show up so that is all they know to do. I've heard them called "Generation Y". I personally think that they should be called "Generation Why Bother". After all, no matter what they do, no matter how much effort they put forth, there is always someone waiting to tell them that it is okay, that it is not their fault, that they are still a "winner". So why bother? Here is an idea- instead of  raising lazy, dependent, entitled, worthless wastes of flesh we start raising strong-minded, hardworking, independent men and women of character and integrity.

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Joel the K said...

Excellent post Snake. Thank You for guest-writing on my blog. Bravo.
Strength & Honor,
J the K