Monday, May 28, 2012

Venus Transit On June 6: Megaquake/Tsunami Red Alert

 Red Alert brethren and sistren. Joel the K here. On June 6, 2012, Venus will cross in front of the Sun. This is called a transit. Historically, some of the worst natural disasters ever recorded tend to occur in the days and weeks following a transit of Venus. Here's your proof:
Transit of Venus December 7, 1631. Nine days later Mount Vesuvius erupts, disintegrating the mountain and killing nearly 6,000 people.
Transit of Venus June 3, 1769. Immediately, the worst drought in world history began. By the time it was over the following Summer, over 10 Million people would die. It was called the Bengal Famine Of 1770.
Transit Of Venus December 6, 1882. Several months later Krakatoa erupts in the single largest explosion in recorded human history, killing over 37,000 people instantly.
Transit of Venus June 8, 2004. Before the year was over, one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history with a magnitude of 9.3 would cause one of the most catastrophic tsunamis ever recorded. Over 230,000 were killed. It was called the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake/Tsunami.
The Transit of Venus will occur again on June 6, 2012. Seismic activity is already off the charts. There is no question that we have seen bizarre weather and geologic activity lately. If you live in or near earthquake/tsunami prone areas, be advised of what history is telling us. Prepare yourself. Prepare your family. Know what to do. If you do not know where to start, here are some trusted and true links:

 You need go no further than the above links for A-Z of preparedness/survival. Don't delay, prepare today. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K from Ohio saying over and out.

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Joel the K said...

There are 4 links above. The first one is kind of hiding at the top. Endtimes Report. It is the best preparedness site on the web bar none.