Friday, August 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby !

Happy Birthday Jessica !

My beautiful and most unique and excellent daughter has orbited our local star 19 times as of today. Happy birthday baby! I still call her baby because she will always be my baby. Also i want to congratulate her on her successful skydive adventure last week. It was her first jump and she absolutely loved it. Her big brother Josiah (Bubba) wants to go with her for her next jump as does my wife (Jennie). As for me, I will most likely stay on the ground and take photos of them all with a zoom lens camera. 
     So have a wonderful birthday Jessi, and look for us next weekend to come and see you in Cleveland. Sorry you must work all weekend this week. I know you will have fun anyway, because you are just a fun person. We love you dearly baby girl. See you soon. Happy Birthday !!


Jessi Lynn said...

Love you Dad!!!

You're totally missing out on the skydiving opportunites :P

Joel the K said...

I love you too Baby. You managed to get me on the Millenium Force and the Dragster, maybe you can lure me to jump outta plane. :)